Globalisation - KQ1 accelerating pace

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What is globalisation?
The growing interconnectedness and interdependence between countries
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How has globalisation acceerated?
through transport, commodities, communication/technology/ information , migration of labour
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what is lengthing connections?
connection betweeen people and places with products soucred from far away
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what is deepening connctions
how our lives are affected by globalisation
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what is faster connections
speed at which people can communicate
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what are flows ?and the types of flows and definitions
flow = quantity of movement
commodities= valuable raw materials
migration and labour= movemnt of people and and culture
information= flow of infprmation e.g internet
capital = movement of money
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how has economics accelerated globalisation
- TNC's trade products internationally and use spatial division of labour and invest abroad (FDI)
- online purchasing between countries
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how has polictics accelerated globalisation
- trade blocs have become more influenial and reduce tariffs and protectionist measure between countries
- IGO's work to promote economic stability
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how has migration accelerated globalisation
- spread of culture and finance (through remittance).
- International tourism has increased, due to cheaper transport costs
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how has culture accelerated globalisation
Americanisation and Westernisation
of other (often developing) parts of the
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how has transport accelerated globalisation
- steam power allowed goods to move quickly
- jet aircraftsallowed goods to be transported quickly between countries and also international travel easier due to cheap costs
- containerisation/ intermodal containers can carry 25,000kg of goods, easily tra
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what are the disadvantages of increased transport and laws put in place & effects
- air and sea transport increased co2 emmisions and will rise to >70% in 2020
- causing green taxes to inforced -> globalisation will dampen
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how has technology accelerated globalisation
- telegraph (1860) cables were laid across the ocean causing instantaneous communication and reloutionised how businessed worked
- telephone allowed better global communication led to the shinking world
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how has technology accelerated globalisation internet and social media
- GPS Satellites have allowed companies and people to track goods across the world.
- social media caused the spead of culture, ideology and inceased tourism and migration
- 40% of the world use the internet and led to the rapid spread of news and knowle
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what is the shrinking world theory / Time-space compression?
that the world is getting smaller due to its interconnectivity and - the idea that the c time or money, of communicating over distance has fallen rapidly, so the idea of someone being 'a long way away' is now largely irrelevant in terms of the ability to
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How has globalisation acceerated?


through transport, commodities, communication/technology/ information , migration of labour

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what is lengthing connections?


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what is deepening connctions


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what is faster connections


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