Greek Historical Sources- PLUTARCH

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Place of Birth...?
Thebes / Boeotia
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Known for...?
Parallel Lives and Sayings of Spartan Women
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His Parallel Lives...?
Were comparisons of Greek and Roman figures- assessing moral character. Purpose to inspire- artistic lisence?
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He wasn't interested in...?
Writing good history. He was a Moral Historian.
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He wrote after...?
The fall of Greece as a major world power, especially Sparta in 371BC. Hindsight.
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Casual use of...?
Chronology- to make good stories fit together.
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Makes poor judgement on...?
The reliability of sources- relies on own good sense/values as a guide.
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He failed to understand...?
The context of 5th/4th Century Greece, so used a Roman model.
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Does not consider...?
Wider effects of his subjects' actions.
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He does not get on with...?
Herodotus (40 page rant)
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Place of Birth...?


Thebes / Boeotia

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Known for...?


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His Parallel Lives...?


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He wasn't interested in...?


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