GTA IV problems

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what is the hypodermic syringe model
consumer is passive and the message is injected into the helpless audience
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cultivation theory
as one matures one gradually acquires the distored view of the world
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the more one experience extreme behaviour in media the more one accepts it as 'normal' in life
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copy cat theory
suggest that readers act out behaviour modelled in the media (linked to moral panic)
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what did csikzentmihalyi say
when challenge matches skill it is enjoyable
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What did Espen Aarseth say
video games are popular for their immersive interactivity
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mayor of new york, michael bloomberg said
doesn't support any videogames where you earn points for killing or injuring police offices
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new york times said
"violent, intelligent, profane, endearing, obnoxious, sly, rickly, textured and thoroughly compleing work of cultural satire disguised as fun
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Jean Baudrillard said
media is a media-saturated world as no longer ditinct from reality and media like GTA provide a 'hyper-reality'
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What did the universiry of michigain research say?
exposure to violent computer games increases hostile attribution bias
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Hillary Cliton said
She criticised the failure of ESRB and the game
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What country is notoriously one of the centre of software privacy
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what are console's major selling points to developers
were intended to obviate piracy but are not subjects to it
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What did Yves Guillemot suggest
over 90% games are pirated
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Why did the earlier game San Anderas 2004 get into trouble?
sections of code allowed hackers to access, not properly rated
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What did the grandma claim in court against GTAIV
deception, fraud and abusing the advertisement of the game and certifaction
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Why did Take Two lose $2.8.8 Million
they had to take a code out
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what was the developer's defence?
in wired interview 2002 he said " there are repercussions for the choices you make"
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Producter of video games areconfronted by many obvious issues
changing technologies, differing codes, tendency to male audience, fan loyalty, privacy
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as one matures one gradually acquires the distored view of the world

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copy cat theory


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