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"Hamlet is a coward" Templeton
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"Hamlet is a scholar and not an activist" Joseph
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"Hamlet is a pathologically irresolute character" Freud
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"Hamlet is an instrument amongst many agents" Joseph
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"Hamlet is obliged to act in the spur of the moment" Coleridge
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Trust/ Gertrude and Claudius' marriage
Their relationship goes against faith, Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII, "thy must not lye with thy brother's widow."
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"No one in the play knows or understands anyone else"
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Trust/ R&G
"Sacrifice the bond of human friendship to a social propriety" (social standards) Very similar to Queen Elizabeth, used Burghley her chief advisor to spy on ppl, spying quite common within royalty.
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Trust/ Claudius
"As trusting a new born babe" Tennerhouse
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Gertrude, good mother and wife etc.
"Gertrude believes that quiet women best please men, and pleasing men is Gertrude's best interest" Smith
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"Gertrude has traditionally been played as a sensual, deceitful women" Smith. Women meant to maintain their chastity and virtue, not a true renaissance women is Gertrude.
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"Claudius shows authority as a king in terms of language by using 1st person anaphoric and political speeches." Bond
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"Claudius represents the worst in human nature- lust, greed, corruption and excess" Critic from Shakespeare online
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"He is morally weak, content to trade his humanity and very soul for a few prized possessions" Mabillard
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Claudius/ Hamlet depiction of women
"Although Claudius clearly loves her, Claudius shares Hamlet's conception of Gertrude as an object." Smith
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Women in Hamlet
Women are derived as the "other" or "second" sex. Simone De Beauvoir
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Women in Hamlet/ position and Social Status
"To both Hamlet and Claudius, Gertrude is seen as an object" Smith
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Women in Hamlet - Ophelia
"Ophelia is surrounded by three power males: Hamlet, Laertes and Polonius. Without these men to make decisions for her she goes mad" Heilburn
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Women in Hamlet - Ophelia
"Ophelia is deprived of thought, sexuality and language" Showalter
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Hamlet as a tragedy
"Tragedy for Shakespeare is the genre of uncompensated suffering" Kastan
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Hamlet as a tragedy
"Hamlet depicts the troubled parts of the hero's life with proceeds and leads up to his death" A.C. Bradley
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Hamlet/ Revenge
"Hamlet is more motivated by his mother than his father" Adelman
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"Laertes is not a whiff of fresh air. He is a hurricane ready to destroy everything in his way." Prosser
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Biblical expectation "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith my Lord."
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Hamlet/ revenge
"With the strongest purpose of revenge, he is doubtful and inactive" McKenzie
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Hamlet/ revenge
"Hamlet is an intellectual that thinks too much and can't make up his mind presenting Shakespeare's ultimate message that we should act and not delay" Coleridge
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Hamlet/ revenge
"All duties seem holy to Hamlet" Gothe
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"Hamlet has the desire to prove an argument right" Swinburne Act 3 Scene 3 'Mousetrap
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Ophelia's suicide
Goes against faith, one of the commandments "thou shalt not kill"
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Laertes/ revenge
"He denies his conscience, his king and his God." Prosser
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Laertes/ revenge
"Laertes and Fortinbras are both representatives of action" Hall
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Laertes/ revenge
"Laertes is reckless" Tyler
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Laertes/ revenge
"Laertes is a crucial and explicit dramatic foil to Hamlet" Magnus
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Laertes/ revenge
"The other characters in the play do not hesitate to act because they are sure of their own values and beliefs. Fortinbras and Laertes act because they believe that certain actions are right or honourable." Alexander
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"Claudius is a good and gentle king, enmeshed by the chain of causality liking him to his crime." Knight
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The Ghost/ revenge
"The ghost may be a demon tempting him to murder an innocent man" Wiggins
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Hamlet/ madness
"Hamlet does not play the madman, rather he plays the fool, mocking and telling truths no one wants to hear" Bond
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"Hamlet is a figure of nihilism (rejection of faith) and death" Knight
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"Gertrude appears only in 10 of the 20 scenes...she speaks plainly, directly and chastely" Smith
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Ophelia's madness
"She is not a person...she has already died" Levernez
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Ophelia and the patriarchal society
"We can imagine Hamlet's story without Ophelia, but Ophelia literally has no story without Hamlet." Edwards
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"Gertrude uses her dying words to warn Hamlet of the poison but doesn't accuse Claudius." Smith
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"Polonius trains his daughter to be obedient and chaste and is able to use her as a piece of bait for spying." Smith
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"Polonius is simply a ma of circumlocutions" (unnecissairly wordy speech)
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"Revenge exists as a margin between justice and crime." Belsey
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"Polonius is a man who expects to be obeyed." Smith
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"Polonius' function in the play is to spy." Tyler
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"Polonius is a foolish old man" Bradley
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"R&G are a pair of faceless automatons" Sertin (machine that do what people tell you to do)
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"Fortinbras is an ambitious leader"
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"To interpret Hamlet is to become Horatio" Warley
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"Horatio is a harbinger of truth" Glasgow
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"The Ghost is the incentive force that starts Hamlet in the path of revenge" Draper
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"Horatio is a man of maxims" (general truth) Taylor
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"In Shakespeare's literature men go mad for a number of reasons including mental and physical stress, but women's madness is relentlessly associated with their bodies and their ****** desires" Thompson
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"Horatio is the witness and measure of 'truth' within the play" Walter
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"Horatio has the ability to detach himself from events and examine them dispassionately, he is a stoical constant." Walter
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Hamlet and Horatio's friendship
"Hamlet associates Horatio with stoicism" Burrow (enduring pain and hardship without showing one's feelings or complaining.)
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The performance of Hamlet's madness
"No two performances convey Hamlet in the same state of madness"
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Critical definition of madness
Madness is defined as "being a minority of one"
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"Hamlet is a scholar and not an activist" Joseph



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"Hamlet is a pathologically irresolute character" Freud


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"Hamlet is an instrument amongst many agents" Joseph


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"Hamlet is obliged to act in the spur of the moment" Coleridge


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