Handmaid's Tale: Key. Chapters

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Chapter 4
Introduces Nick, Offred & the young Guardians
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Chapter 5
Offred thinks of the rules "every woman knew." Janine is pregnant, the tourists.
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Chapter 8
"May day." Econowife spits, Serena Joy "has become speechless."
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Chapter 9
"Nolite te bastardes carborundorum."
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Chapter 11
The doctor's proposal.
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Chapter 12
Offred fills in the "time... lost" with her daughter, but concludes, "it's easier, to think of her as dead."
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Chapter 13
Janine's gang-**** & abortion, Offred loses her daughter.
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Chapter 14
Offred remembers her name (" My name isn't Offred, I have another name, which nobody uses now because it's forbidden")
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Chapter 15
The Commander steps into the sitting room without permission (" the sitting room is supposed to be Serena Joy's territory"), Serena Joy starts crying before the Ceremony
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Chapter 16
The Ceremony
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Chapter 17
Offred uses the butter, then goes to steal a daffodil to "Leave it... for the next woman." Nick finds her, they kiss, Nick tells her the Commander wants to see her tomorrow.
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Chapter 18
Offred thinks, "There's nobody here I can love, all the people I could love are dead or elsewhere."
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Chapter 19
Janine is giving birth. The Wives discuss the Handmaids.
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Chapter 21
Janine gives birth.
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Chapter 22
Offred hears how Moira escaped.
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Chapter 23
Offred & the Commander play Scrabble, he asks her to kiss him.
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Chapter 25
The Commander gives Offred a magazine, she asks him for hand lotion, which he gets. It is kept in his room.
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Chapter 26
The Commander tries to touch Offred's face at the next Ceremony.
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Chapter 27
Ofglen & Offred talk, two Eyes arrest someone.
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Chapter 28
Offred thinks of Moira, corrects her tenses, she remembers her card being rejected, Luke tells her, "You know I'll always take care of you."
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Chapter 29
The Commander translates the Pig Latin, Offred learns what happened to the previous Handmaid.
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Chapter 31
Offred & Serena Joy conspire to use Nick, Serena Joy mentions Offred's daughter.
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Chapter 32
The Commander asks Offred what she thinks of Gilead.
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Chapter 34
The Commander and Offred talk again about Gilead. There is a Prayvaganza.
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Chapter 35
Offred berates herself for thinking of Luke in the past tense.
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Chapter 36
Offred dresses up in the dress the Commander got her.
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Chapter 37/38/39
Offred sees Moira, who is resigned and tells her that Offred's mother is in the Colonies. Offred & the Commander have sex.
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Chapter 40
Offred & Nick have sex. She thinks it is a betrayal to Luke.
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Chapter 41
Offred thinks, "Day by day, night by night [Luke] recedes, and I become more faithless." She tells Nick her real name. Ofglen is giving up on her.
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Chapter 43
The Guardian is killed in the Salvaging.
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Chapter 44
Ofglen has been replaced, she saw the Eyes coming for her and hanged herself.
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Chapter 45
Serena Joy finds out about the Commander taking Offred to Jezebel's.
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Chapter 46
Nick tells Offred to trust him.
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Offred thinks of the rules "every woman knew." Janine is pregnant, the tourists.

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