Health and Social Care- Caring skills and techniques (Completed)

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What are the caring skills and techniques?
Techniques that practitioners can use to provide clients with the best possible care.
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Working alongside
Getting involved in same activity.
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Displaying certain behaviour so that another person can learn and copy.
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Setting challenges
Setting targets to a person that are achievable.
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Measuring things and noting them down.
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Social perception
Being able to interpret a persons feelings, intentions and needs.
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Listening, inviting questions to exchange information.
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Creating trust
Making someone see you as reliable and believable. By staying consistent etc.
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Encouraging adaptive behaviour
Behaviour that is good for them and their well being.
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Temporarily moving away or breaking up from a situation.
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Showing approval
Showing praise to someone to show you are impressed etc.
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Diverting someones attention from something e.g. pain.
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Physical contact
Using physical touch to provide something like psychological security or approval.
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Reducing negative feelings and behaviour
Taking measures to reduce bad feelings and behaviour that is detrimental to someones well being.
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Gaining compliance
Getting someone to agree with something or do something. By e.g. giving limited choice.
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Eye contact and facial expression
Using eye contact and facial expression in communication to provide for life quality factors.
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