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In 1918 Germany had to become more....
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Date of Spartacist uprising
4th to 15th January 1919
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Cause of Spartacist
wanted to have communist leader, like Bolsheviks
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Consequences of S.U.
Defeated by Friekorps, brought down quickly, and Karl Liebknecht + Rosa Luxembourg were executed
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Number of civilians who died during Spartacist uprising
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Reparations in Pounds
£6.6bn agreed in 1921 by Allies
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ToV: Army limited to how many men?
100 000
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ToV: How many battleships could the navy build
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ToV: Loss of land as %
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ToV: Loss of population as %
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ToV: Loss of coalfields as %
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ToV: Loss of iron and steel as %
almost 50%
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Date of Kapp Putsch
March 1920
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Kapp wanted
Kaiser back
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How was Kapp stopped
Ebert asked army, said no, so called people to general strike. Showed support for Weimar Govt.
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Kapp was
not killed, showing favour of right wing
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French invasion of the Ruhr Month and Year
January 1923
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Why did France invade Ruhr
Reparation payment missed so went to earn the money themselves.
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Workers in Ruhr went on _____
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Weimar Govt paid for this by _____ causing ____
Printing money, causing hyperinflation
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Hyperinflation year
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Who was worst hit by hyperinflation
Middle class, fixed income people, pensioners
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Cost of bread January vs. November 1923
250 marks in January 1923 had risen to 200,000 million marks in November 1923
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Issue date of Rentenmark
15th Oct 1923
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Rentenmarks = how many old marks?
1 trillion papiermarks
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Rentenmarks = how many US dollars?
4.2 Rentenmarks
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Date Rentenmark became legal tender and used by public
30 August 1924
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Dawes Plan:
US gave DE loans + reduced annual payments (i.e. extended the repayment period)
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Dawes Plan adopted in
Aug 1924
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Locarno Pact
Germany accepted western border formally 1925
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Germany year of acceptance into League of Nations
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Kellogg Briand Pact
65 nations, August 27, 1928 signed to not use war as solving problems
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Stresemann Golden Age included:
A generally more liberal time, jazz (although did foster anti-black racist feelings), Flappers, cabaret, some said traditional family values were lost.
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Wall Street Crash happened in:
1929 October (not affecting Germany until early 1930's)
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Young Plan: and year
reduced amount of reparations 1930 and loans
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[Great Depression] US recall loans
Banks recall business loans and so Factories Close
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Factories close
Unemployment rises
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Unemployment rises
less money to spend
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less money to spend
no demand for goods
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In 1932 how many were unemployed
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Great Depression: who lost savings
middle class
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What did Kanzler Bruning recommend
Raising taxes to help unemployment benefit (unpopular) THEN recommended to reduce them (unpopular)
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Right wing
dislike taxes
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Left wing and working class
opposed lower benefits
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1919 DAP led by and number of member
Drexler, about 50 members
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Unemployed were lured by Hitler's SA
many joined due to soup kitchens and because it looked organised
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Who led SA
Ernst Röhm
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Role of SA:
Were Nazi Party army, disrupted enemy meetings, followed Hitler's orders. Were thugs and ex army.
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How Nazis rose to power
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Membership of NSDAP during 1923
55 000
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NSDAP had to act quickly by doing the Munich Putsch because
Stresemann was doing good with economy and foreign affairs
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Cause of Munich Putsch
1) Hated WR signing ToV, 2) Make nazis Stronger 3) French out of Ruhr 4) Hyperinflation
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Role of SA in Munich Putsch
Provided the armed support.
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Events of Munich Putsch:
Stormed beer hall, persuaded government leaders to support him in taking over govt. Changed minds. Challenged by police, shot at. Nazis fled, and Hitler disgraced and sent to prison.
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Effects of Prison on hitler
Publicity, orator, could speak to the people.
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Short term Munich Putsch:
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Long term
Realised power was needed democratically...
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1925 NSDAP Membership
27 000
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1928 NSDAP Membership
100 000
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Year Nazis were largest party
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Why did support for Nazis rise? (8)
1) Party ban was removed 2) Local government 42 Gaus, Gauleiters 3) Gestapo 4) Youth groups 5) 25 Point Programme 6) GD 7) Communist threat 8) Nazi propaganda e.g. news
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How long Hitler served in prison
9 months
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Many middle class business owners scared of
Communists, as USSR hated business owners and Middle class (communist ideology)
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Big business feared communists because of
left wing state control nationalisation of businesses
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Industrialists were scared of
trade unions (links to left wing ideology and communism)
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How did Nazis utilise these problems
Nazis SA fought against the communists and Nazi introduced pro big business, middle class and farmer policy
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Reichstag Fire
Feb 27th 1933
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Who was blamed for Reichstag Fire
Marinus van der Lubbe
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Hitler sworn in as chancellor
30th January 1933
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General Election Date and Nazi vote share and seats
5 March 1933 44% 288 SEATS
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Enabling Act Passed and excuse given
March 1933, Reichstag fire (Germany is "under attack" by Communists)
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Enabling act did what
Gave all executive power to Chancellor and allowed him to change constitution, merge executive, arrest whenever he wanted, make his own laws for 4 years, ban trade unions, one party state
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Nazis took over local govt
April 1933, Giving them control over education, local police. Split into 42 Gaus with Gauleiters, and blockleiters
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DAF Contained sub-organisations (2)
After May 1933, trade unions dissolved. 1) Strength through joy 2) Beauty of labour
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Strength through Joy purpose and activities
Provide holidays and leisure activities for all workers; planned to build holiday resorts, boosted tourism industry, promised Volkswagen but never happened.
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Beauty of Work
Everyone who could work should work, etc.
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Concordat Signed + Purpose
20 June 1933 Hitler makes an agreement with the Pope who sees him as someone who can destroy communism. This agreement allows Hitler to take over political power in Germany as long as he leaves the Catholic Church alone.
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Concordat details
Agreed Catholics wouldn't be interfered with by Nazis or Catholics would interfere with German politics. Muller head of Reichschurch to unite protestants behind Hitler. Catholic youth league was banned/
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Political Parties Banned in...
July 1933
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Law against formation of political parties came in
14th July 1933
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People's courts set up and purpose
Oath of loyalty to Hitler, etc, April 1934
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Night of Long Knives
june 1934
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Night of Long Knives what happened
Hitler claimed 77 were killed but as many as 400 SA may have been killed by the ** and Gestapo as Hitler was worried they were too loyal to Rohm and worried about a coup and wanted support of Army. Those who weren't killed were arrested.
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Hitler became Fuehrer in
19 Aug 1934 - when Hindenburg dies Hitler declares himself jointly president, chancellor, and head of army.
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** created in
1925, by Himmler in 1925. Essentially took over SA's role. Became police force. Aryan. Destroyed opposition.
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Recall Gestapo. Created by ... in ...
Goering in 1933 (Informing on each other plain-clothed etc)
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Concentration camps in beginning
makeshift prisons disused factories and warehouses
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Soon became
purpose built in rural areas. Food limited. Harsh discipline. By end of 1930s deaths were common and very few left alive.
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Ways of propaganda Nazis
Radio, Film & Arts e.g. Music poster etc, Media, Newspapers, Books, Nuremberg Rallies, Radio, Olympics 1936
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Taught how to be wives studied domestic studies and eugenics
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Taught specific skills for army in PE and Science
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Boys and Girls:
anti-Semitic curriculum, rewritten History
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Youth Groups
Hitler Youth, League of German Maidens
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Numbers began to plummet as it became very serious. What happened?
1939 made compulsory
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Numbers began to plummet as it became very serious. What happened?
1939 made compulsory
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1938. Nearly 100 Jews murdered, 20,000 arrested and sent to concentration camps. Jews paid fines for destruction by Nazis, Close down businesses, banned from cinemas and theatres.
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Blood and soil
Relation to land you belong to etc. Farmers viewed as backbone of master race and had to be protected.
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Reich Entailed Farm Law 1933
Banks couldn't seize farms, were inherited by men not mortgaged etc. Banks therefore didn't want to lend money, people left rural areas as farms only inherited by eldest male child.
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Reich Food Estate 1933
Govt bought up food, constant income.
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1933 Law For Encouragement of marriage
9 months wages (1000 marks) loaned to get married, for every child had they did't have to pay 250 marks.
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Mother's Cross
1938/1939 Medal for Babies. 4-5 Bronze 6-7 Silver 8 or more - Gold
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Lebensborn fountain of life
** State created brothels,to produce aryan babies.
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Nuremberg Laws 1935
stripped jews of rights, could not marry non jews, Sarah and Israel ban on jews entering some public places.
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sorry but what is LIMPAPER



this is so great!!!!

It helped me so much in my assessment 

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LIMPPAPER = an acronym for how/why Hitler rose to power

http://www.johndclare.net/Weimar7.htm explains each point.

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