How the eye works

This quiz covers the anatomy of the eye and continues onto action potential.

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1. What is the sclera?

  • The tough, white outer layer
  • The fluid found behind the lens
  • Bundle of nerve fibres
  • A circle of tissue containing pigmented cells
  • The circular space (hole) in the iris
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2. What is the function of the retina?

  • Receives the light stimulus
  • Protects the structures within the eye
  • Helps control the amount of light entering the eye
  • Focuses light rays to the back of the eye
  • Maintains the shape of the eye

3. True or false?: the retina contains more cone cells than rod cells.

  • False
  • True

4. Do cone cells detect colour or monochrome?

  • Colour
  • Black and white

5. What is the resting potential of the membrane of a rod cell in mV?

  • 0mV
  • -40mV
  • 55mV
  • -55mV
  • 40mV


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