Introduction to sociology

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What is a social institution?
A social institution is the various organised social arrangements which are found in all soceities
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What is a social structure?
The building blocks of society which are made from the social insitutions and the social relationships formed.
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What is sociological objectivity?
This is the idea that when conducting research sociologists should maintain on open mind. They should be willing to consider all their evidence and make their wok open for other sociologists to criticise.
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What is sociological value freedom?
This referes to the idea sociologists should not let their prejudices of self beliefs influence the way they conduct research.
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What is socialization?
The life long process of learning the culture of any society.
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What is culture?
Culture referes to the langage, beliefs, values, norms, customs, dress, diet, roles, knowledge and skills which make up the way of life of a soceity.
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What is identity?
Identity is the way individuals see and define themselves whilst also referring to how other people see and define individuals
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What are roles?
The patterns of behaviour which are expected to be followed by all individuals in soceity
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What is a role model?
A person which displays the correct patterns of behaviour hence others copy this persons behaviour and model their own behaviour according to how the role model acts.
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What is role conflict?
This is the conflict between two roles which are carried out successfully at the same time such of those as mother, worker, student ect.
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What are values?
Values are the general beliefs about what is right and wrong. Values also refer to the important standards which are worth maintaining in soceity.
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What are laws?
Laws are official legal rules which are enforced by the police and courts. These rules have to be followed otherwise a punishment will be enforced
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What are norms?
Norms are the social rules which define the correct behaviours in a soceity. people are expected to adhere to these social rules however if not followed no legal punishment will be enforced.
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What are customs?
Customs are norms which have existed for a long time and have become part of a societies tradition.
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What is social control?
The various methods used to persuade individuals into conforming to the dominant values and norms in soceity.
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What is deviance?
The failure to conform to the accepted social norms.
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What are sanctions?
The rewards or punishments which come from an individual either following or deviating from the social control enforced.
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What are positive sanctions
Rewards for adhering to social values and norms enforced by social control.
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What are negative sanctions?
Punishments which come from deviating from the socially accepted values and norms.
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What is a social structure?


The building blocks of society which are made from the social insitutions and the social relationships formed.

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What is sociological objectivity?


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What is sociological value freedom?


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What is socialization?


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