Spell the word 'ORIGINAL' phonetically.
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There are a number of codes programmed into the Sepura Airwave terminal that you will be using. What code when pressed will notify the control room that you have arrived at an incident?
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How many cautions are there?
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Study the image. In relation to the National Decision Making Model (NDM), what does 'A' consider?
Consider powers and policy
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When speaking to Sergeant (Sgt) Damian Hiscocks (your supervisor), what is the correct term with which to address him?
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Which group is represented by the IC code ‘IC4’?
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HARVEY, who is homeless, enters a house via an unlocked door, looking only for a warm place to sleep. The occupier of the house is away on holiday. Before going to sleep, HARVEY notices a valuable looking ornament on a table. He decides to take it and sel
Yes, having entered the house as a trespasser he committed theft
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SMITH is aware that a garage belonging to HOWARD contains a motor vehicle. SMITH intends to break into the garage and drive the vehicle to his girlfriends, 3 miles down the road. Where he will leave it somewhere undamaged and easy to find. Having broken t
When he assaults HOWARDS causing GBH injuries
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BARR and WISE are returning home from a night out and, having missed their last bus home, decide to take a car, which they intend to abandon near to where they live. They manage to find a Ford Fiesta that BARR starts with a duplicate key. BARR drives the
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Laurie goes into a newsagents shop and asks for change for a £10 note. He asks for 2 x £5 notes in exchange. Mistakenly, the newsagent gives Laurie 1 x £5 note and 1 x £20 note in the exchange. Laurie walks out of the shop where, outside, he sees the mist
Yes. Despite the mistake of the newsagent Laurie is legally required to return the additional money to that person.
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When making an arrest is it necessary for a Police Officer to touch the person being arrested to indicate that they are being deprived of their liberty?
No, words alone may be sufficient to indicate that they are not free to leave.
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Hussain is arrested on suspicion of Burglary and when cautioning him you say,

No, the sense of the relevant caution is preserved.
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When should a suspect be cautioned? Select all that apply.
when arrested \when asking questions \ when asking questions to offence
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Paula's electricity has gone off for eight hours and when it is reconnected she becomes concerned about the neighbour, Ken's fish tank. Knowing that Ken will be away for the evening she decides to have a look. She has to force entry to the house by brea
Paula, at the time, believed Ken would have consented to the damage if he knew of the circumstances, it does not matter that a belief is not justified but it must be honestly held.
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You are called to deal with a disturbance in the shopping precinct. On your arrival you walk into the square of shops and you see a man, BOWLES, holding another younger man, PERRETT, against a wall. BOWLES is screaming at PERRETT, "I've had enough of yo
Section 4 of the Public Order Act 1986.
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You observe RICHARDSON who has previous convictions for theft and robbery, loitering in the vicinity of a cash machine. On speaking to RICHARDSON she admits that she intended to rob any likely person who withdrew money from the machine. She states that sh
No, standing near the cash machine is an act of mere preparation, and an attempt has to involve more than a merely preparatory act
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SMITH has found out her boyfriend, GREEN has been cheating on her and is planning on leaving her. She decides to seek revenge on him and early one morning, before he leaves for work, SMITH cuts the brakes on GREEN’s car. Rendering them useless.
GREEN disc
Yes – It is enough to show that life could have been endangered as a result of the damage caused.
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GRANT steals a car in Germany, puts English plates on it and brings it back to Sandford, where he sells it to GOLDER for £1000.00. GRANT then uses the £1000.00 from the sale of the car to buy a generator from BRIERS, who uses the money to buy a holiday. E
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GREY and EDWARDS are travelling on the bus from school. EDWARDS watches GREY talking to his mother on his mobile phone. When GREY finishes on the phone, EDWARDS moves next to him and threatens in a menacing tone that if GREY does not give him the mobile p
No, EDWARDS has not committed the offence.
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Stevenson goes into ALDI and takes some cheese, razor blades and cat food. She puts them in her coat pocket and leaves the store without making payment for the items. Once outside she is stopped by the security guard, Frost. She punches him to the face kn
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What does ‘Direct Discrimination’ mean?
Treating someone less favorably than someone else because of a protected characteristic.
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DUFF and ABRAHAM are walking home after spending a night at the pub.

Their route takes them passed an older persons' retirement home. When they

get outside the building, they notice that the lights are on and they can see the

occupants inside. They beg
Yes, because their actions were with intent to cause harassment, alarm or distress, and it was caused.
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JONES has planned a burglary at an expensive house. Part of the plan is to cut the telephone cable to prevent the alarm from ringing.

He intends to do this about an hour before he commits the burglary.

He pretends to take his dog out for a walk and sets
Yes the pliers are used in connection with the burglary
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In relation to breach of the peace, where can this occur?
In any place, whether public or private.
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GIVENS is a plumber who visits a house to give a quote on the job. He returns home and writes a letter to the householder asking for a £500 deposit to be sent to him. At the time he sent the letter GIVENS has no intentions of carrying out the work and onl
The offence has been committed, and it was committed when the letter was posted.
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Section 11 of the Fraud Act 2006 relates to the offence of:
Obtaining services dishonestly.
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Latimer and Owen went for a meal in their favourite Restaurant, one where they ate regularly. During the meal they consumed two bottles of wine each. . For a laugh at the end of the meal they both went to the toilet and climbed out of the window. They i
No, they have not committed the offence in these circumstances as they intended to return to pay.
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DEWHURST has been in the pub and is drunk. He then goes to the cinema to watch a film, and unfortunately he falls asleep. Due to his position he is not noticed at the end of the film, and he is left in the auditorium when the cinema closes. A short tim
No, at the time of his disorderly behaviour it is not a public place.
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GROSFILS works as a chef in a restaurant. He dislikes the poor work of a kitchen assistant, KELLOCK and says to him; “If you don’t do better tomorrow I will give you a good kicking". KELLOCK is worried by this comment, believing GROSFILS to mean it and
No, there is no immediate apprehension of violence.
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PC GRANT is on patrol when he notices HAYCROFT who appears to be completing a drug deal, due to this PC GRANT approaches HAYCROFT and lawfully detains him for the purpose of a drug search. HAYCROFT not wishing to be searched punches PC GRANT once in the f
Section 18 Wounding offences against the person act 1861.
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An assault is any act whereby the defendant, intentionally or recklessly, causes another to:
Apprehend immediate unlawful personal violence.
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Police Constable RAZZAK is off duty when he sees a man, CHATT, take an item from a display in a shop and leave without paying for it. PC RAZZAK follows CHATT outside and attempts to arrest him, explaining that he is a police officer. CHATT punches PC RAZZ
Yes, the officer is acting in the lawful execution of his duties.
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ALBRIGHT, who is 15 years old, wishes to watch his local football team play at home in the FA cup against West Ham United. However, the tickets are too expensive for him and he decides he will climb a fence to watch the game. He does so and enjoys the gam
ALBRIGHT has not obtained services dishonestly, whatever the intentions, for his age the service was provided for free.
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TUNSTALL has a collecting tin and stands in the high street rattling said tin to attract the attention of passers-by. She does not speak but across the front of the tin in large letters are the words “ELF LIBERTATION FRONT”. Several people place coins in
Yes – her actions amount to fraud by false representation
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COLLINS is having a bonfire in his back garden, he has just had a clear out of his loft and is burning all manner of items.
As the fire builds the smoke emitted becomes thicker and starts to deposit soot in the neighbouring gardens. BROWN a neighbour of C
No – Smoke damage only does not constitute an arson
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John has an appointment at his bank to seek advice over some investments that he wants to make. There, his personal banker advises John over making those investments. As a result John invests a sum of money in the investments recommended to him. Unbeknown
Yes, an offence is committed under Section 4 as the personal banker is in a privileged position where he is expected to safeguard the financial interests of another.
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PC WILCE wishes to question BOON about an alleged assault. The officer attends at BOON's home address and tells him the nature of the incident. Believing that he is about to be arrested, BOON grabs hold of PC WILCE's arm and pulls him into the doorway; he
This would amount to a s. 18 assault, as BOON intended to prevent his lawful arrest.
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Balpreet wants to commit a burglary, he attends Owens house in order to commit the burglary.

He approaches the front door and the door which is locked. He puts a rod with a hook on the end into the address in order to hook the keys to gain access. He is
When he puts the hook in a second time to steal the watch
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Wilson has taken his new Porsche out for a drive one Sunday afternoon. Hussain, a prolific burglar, sees Wilson parking his Porsche back into his garage. He thinks to himself that he will come back later that day and steal the Porsche.

Later that evening
When he enters the garage.
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FLAVIN throws a rock at the back of SINISGILLI, who turns round and sees the rock just before it hits him. He ducks and the rock flies over his head.

Yes, provided it can be shown that SINISGILLI apprehended immediate unlawful violence.
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SIMMONS goes to a car hire firm and hires a car using a forged license. SIMMONS intends to return the car at the hire of the hire period.

What offence, if any, has been committed?
Fraud by false representation
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At 0900 hours Hussain meets Lyman and hands him a credit card which is in another persons name.

At 1300 hours that day, Lyman goes to Tesco with the card. He purchases shopping and goes to the counter. The total comes to £25.00. He presents the card to
When Hussain hands it to him
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PC CRICK receives information that a party of young people is to meet at 10.00 pm on the local market square and drugs are likely to change hands. PC CRICK keeps observations and sees several youths arrive on foot and by car. He then sees them exchange s
He can detain and search any person or vehicle and seize anything he suspects to be evidence of an offence
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What does the G,W,S and L in GOWISELY stand for?
Grounds, Warrant Card, Station, Legal Powers.
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PAYNE enters a bank where there is a customer waiting to be served. He says to the cashier through the glass. "HAND OVER £5,000 OR I WILL SHOOT THE CUSTOMER". In fact PAYNE does not have a gun at all but the customer feints through shock. The money is han
Yes because the customer was put in fear.
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WALSH has been out drinking and walks home very intoxicated. He reaches what he believes is his home, a small two room apartment, entering the bedroom and immediately falling asleep. In the morning he wakes only to realise that it is not his apartment and
Yes, for an offence under Section 9(1)(b) of the Theft Act 1968, we only need to show WALSH was a trespasser and that he stole.
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