issues + debates ; ethical implications of research studies + theory

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- ethical implications
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ethical issues can arise when there's a conflict between?
psych need to gain valid findings while still preserving rights and dignity of pps
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thus what developed to help protek those in research?
ethical guidelines
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more difficult to guard against what about research after conducted?
social impact
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though researchers may exercise control over methods and waus pps treated they have relatively little say in terms of what?
ho rsrch presetned in meida / impact on public policy / how many influence perception of groups in society
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this amounts to concern with wider what of research?
ethical implications
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- socially sensitive reseafch
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what are socially sensitive studies?
studies w/ potential consqeuences / implications either directly for pps in rsrch or for class individuals represented by rsrch
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studies tackling taboo topics like race / sexuality get attention from qwho?
not just psychs but also meida / public
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however this shouldn't make psychs shy away instead?
social responsibility of carrying it out
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- ethical issues in socially sensitive research
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who identified number of concerns researchers should mind when conducting socially sensitive rsrch?
sieber / stanley
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+ implications
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wider effects should be considered bc some studies could be seen as doign what?
giving 'scientific' credence to prejucide and discrimination
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like studies examining what about itelligence?
racial bias
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however what is difficult to predict at outset?
implications fo reesarch
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+ user / public policy
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what is it most likely to be used for and what would happen if it was used for?
wrong purpose
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rlated to the idea that findings may be adopted by gov for what reasons?
political ends / shape public policy
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+ validity of research
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what has happened to some findings presented as objective and value-free in thepast?
highly suspect and fraudulent
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many modern social constructionist researchers more up front about?
own bases and preconceptions
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and include comment on what in their publications?
reflexive nature of work
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- benefits of socially sensitive research
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scarr argues studies of underrepresented groups and issues may promote?
greater sensitivity and understanding of these
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this can help reduce?
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and encourage?
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similarly socially sensitive research has benefitted society like that into unreliabiluty of EWT has reduced risk of?
miscarriages of justice in legal system
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suggests socially sensitive research may?
play valuable role in society
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- framing the quesiton
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sieber and stanley warn the way in which research questions are phrased and investigated may influence?
way findings interpreted
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like how cross-cultural research may be blighted by what on part f researchers?
cultural superiority / ethnocentrism
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kitzinger and coyle note how research into so-called 'alternative relationships' has been guilty of?
'heterosexual bias'
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which mean?
homosexual relationships compared and judged against hetero norms
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this suggests investigators much approach research with?
open mind
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and be prepared to?
have preconceptions challenged if to avoid misrepresenting minority groups
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- who gains
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this kind rsrch used by gov / other institutiosn to do what?
shape social policy
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sometimes dubious nature of findings
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and without full consideration of?
moderating effects of env on characteristics like intelligence
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other research that may seem harmless but has these consequences like in '50s there was research into persuasive effects of?
subliminal messages
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which was used by who?
marketing companies
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advertise products
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one study claimed sales of coke and popcorn increased significantly when waht happened?
images of these flashed up on cinema screens to quick for audiences to be aware
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later revealed study author packard had done what?
made it up
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though little damage don in context what kind of research clearly has ethical implications?
rsrch that seeks to manipulate public
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also raises issue of?
who benefits from research
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which may be particularly difficult to manage once?
research it out there
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- social control
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i us in '20s / ;30s large no states enacted legislation that led to compulsory sterilisation of many citizens on what grounds?
they were 'feeble-minded' and a drain on society
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including people deemed?
low intelligence / drug + alcohol addicts / mentally ill
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this rationale supported by many sections of scientificy and psych communituy @ time was that?
they were unfit to breed
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what baout this is an argument against widespread adoption of socially sensitive resarch?
that it's been used to 'prop up' discriminatory practices
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- costs and benefits
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resaerch with possilble ethicimplications / socially sensitive may be subject to scrutiny by?
ethical committee
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and its their job to do weigh up?
potential costs against possible benefits
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however what is difficult about this?
some social consequences may be difficult to anticipate
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as such assessments of worht of research are?
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and real impact can only ever be known once?
released to public
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- ethical implications



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ethical issues can arise when there's a conflict between?


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thus what developed to help protek those in research?


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more difficult to guard against what about research after conducted?


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