Key Topic 2- Key Words Part 2

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Majority government
1 party has an absolute majority of seats in the house of commons
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minority government
No political party has an absolute majority of seats in the house of commons
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coalition government
no political party has an absolute majority of seats in the house of commons, two or more parties agree to a deal to form government after negotiations
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hung parliament
a party in which no single party has sufficent support to form an administration by itself leading to a minority government or coalition
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a power of an indivdual to appoint someone to an important political position
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cabinet reshuffle
a series of changes to the personal of the cabinet and the positions that they occupy, instigated by the PM
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a meeting between the PM and departmental minster in which policy is agreed
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prime minsters office
the group of seniour civil servents and special advices who provide advice and support for the PM, over policy,communications or media
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political leadership is the exercise of power over public policy making by an individual or an institution,
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cabinet government
a system of government in which executive power is vested in a cabinet whose member exercise collective responsibility rather than a single office, within the cabinet the PM is "first among equals"
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Prime ministerial government
a system of government in which the PM is the dominant actor in the executive, the PM sets the direction of government,makes major decisions and intervenes directly in policy areas
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core executive
the heart of government, organisations coordiante government activity, includes PM, cabinet,cabinet committees, the PMs office and senior civil servents
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the idea that UK PM's have taken on some of the characteristics of presidents due to the emergence of a personalised form of leadership, characterised by spatial leadership
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cabinet committees
committees appointed by the PM to consider the aspects of government buisness, they include standing committees and ad hoc committees
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inner cabinet
an informal grouping of the PM's seniour ministerial colleagues
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cabinet office
a government department responsible for supporting the cabinet system and the PM, and managing the civil service
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privy council
comprimises of all members of the cabinet,former cabinet minsters and other distinguished people appointed by the monarch. it issues orders in council, grants royal charters and acts as a court of appeal in overseas terrotories
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ministerial code
places a clear demand on ministers to watch their behaviour carefully. Ministers must not knowingly mislead government or public and they must be as open as possible
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collective responsiblity
the convention that all members of government are responsible as a group, this includes: (discussions should be kept a secret,decisions must be binding,government must resign if defeated on a vote of confidence)
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individual ministerial responsibility
convention that ministers are accountable to parliament for their own misconduct or the general misconduct of their department, but they cannot be held accountable for: decisions made without their knowledge,operations handled by officials
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parliamentry private secretaries
unpaid assistants who serve as the parliamentry contact for their minister,appoinment to this rank is seen as the first step on the promotion ladder for an MP
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civil servent
an official employed in a civil capacity of the crown,responsible for policy advice or polict implementation
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special advisor
a temporary political appointment made by a government minister
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spin doctor
a special advisor employed to promote the image of the minister and their policy to the media
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a large organisation that enacts policy and operates according to a clear set of rules and procedures, the role of each official are defined by these rules and appointments are made on merit, it is impersonalacts on behalf of the organisation
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task forces
a task force brings together civil servents and outside experts to tackle issues that do not easily fir in within the orbit of any one department
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executive agency
an agency responsible for the delievery of government policy that is subordinate to a government department but enjoys significant autonomy in its day-to-day operations
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the UK civil service and government departments, named after the area of London the departments are based
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the extension of the market mechanisms in to government and the public sector,transfer of the provision of public sector to the private sector-"outsourcing"
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the process of converting public amenities and services in to private ones
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