Key Terms for Focus Point 2

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Flight to Varennes (June 1791)
Louis' flight from France with family:could not live with the Civil Constitution of the Clergy; left behind document showing his true opposition to the revolution.
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Jacobin deputies who sat on higher seats in Assembly
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Republican deputies from Gironde, Brissot leader
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The Plain
Majority deputies who were undecided in loyalty
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September Massacres 1792
Massacre of prisoners in Paris following rumours that counter- revolutionary prisoners about to escape and hand Paris over to Prussian enemy
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Armoire de fed documents
Letters from Louis to Austrian royal family revealing him as traitor in war and used against him in trial
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Civil Constitution of the Clergy July 1790
State taking control over Catholic church; clergy split over taking oath and loyalty
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Brunswick manifesto August 1792
Prussia promised revenge on Paris if Louis harmed (created more opposition for Louis)
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Bonds used as paper currency, backed by sale of church lands
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Anarchic Terror (March-Decembers 1793)
Periods of uncontrolled Terror happening in provinces involving revolutionary armies (sans culottes)
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Great Terror (June-July 1794)
Robespierre in control of Paris-based Terror with very fast trials and large numbers of executions
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Levee en Masse (August 1793)
Conscription and control of population in order for France to win war
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Law of General Maximum (Sept 1793)
Table fixing prices of goods
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Committee of Public Safety
Set up to control deputies in Convention and issue decrees
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Representatives from Paris to provinces sent to ensure war effort maintained (esp conscription)
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Revolutionary Armies
Sans-culottes armies roaming provinces to enforce Terror
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Watch committees
Committees to monitor movement of strangers
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Republic of Virtue
Robespierre's ideal of pure republican government in France
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Law of Prairial (June 1794)
Law to speed up Terror; broad definitions of enemy of people and death or auittal in trials
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Battle of Fleurus (June 1794)
French victory over First Coalition
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White Terror 1794
Attack on all who had done well in Terror; youngsters in Paris, severe in Vendee
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Chouannerie Movement
Guerrilla, royalist groups in Vendee opposed to conscription
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