Movement of people for travel/pleasure.
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Package Holidays
Flights,accommodation, food all included.
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Short Haul
Flight of 3 hours or less.
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Long Haul
Flight of 3 hours or more.
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Mass Tourism
Large Number of people visiting the same area.
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Specialist holiday
Holidays based on a particular activity or interest.
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Fair trade holiday
When the benefits of directly to those whose land, resources, work, knowledge or culture is being used.
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Event Tourism
Travel based around specific events (sports, cultural, historical).
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Basic networks such as transport, power supplies and telecommunications.
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Heritage Tourism
Visiting historical aspects of a country.
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European city of culture
A city designated by the European Union for one year.
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GNI (per capita)
All the income in a country from economics activity added together and divided by the number of people. This can sometimes be adjusted to purchasing power/what money is actually worth.
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Development Indicators
Health, wealth and social statistics that show the level of development of a country.
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Economic Activity
All the businesses and activities that create wealth for a country.
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Development Gap
Difference between rich and poor.
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Something that is prone to change, often quickly. "Tourism is a volatile industry."
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Showing your disapproval by refusing to go somewhere of not buying certain goods.
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Multiplier Effect
Increased spending in one part of the economy generates spending in another.
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It is the result of contrasting demands between people. In other words, people and wanting different things.
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Is a place of attractive scenery or historic interest that attracts large numbers of visitors.
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National Parks
Areas set aside to protect the landscape so it can be enjoyed by visitors now and in the future.
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Resident Population
Is the permanent population living in an area.
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Meeting the needs of the present population without damaging the environment and local community for future generations.
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Holidays that do a little or no damage to the natural environment and local community.
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Corporate responsibility
How a company manages its impact on local communities and the environment.
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Naturally occurring in a particular place.
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The number and variety of organisms found within a specified geographic region.
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Biodiversity hotspot
A region of the Earth which is extremely biologically diverse and also under severe threat due to habitat loss.
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Package Holidays


Flights,accommodation, food all included.

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Short Haul


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Long Haul


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Mass Tourism


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