Mass Media - Ownership and Control

The theories on the ownership and control of the mass media. PLURALISTS, MARXISTS AND FUNCTIONALISTS. 

Marxists believe this social class controls the media and the interests are in this class.
Ruling Class
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This sociologist argued that the ruling class uses the media to encourage the working class to accept inequalities of a capitalist society.
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This sociologist argued that the programmes we watch help to remove doubts about society.
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Pluralists believe that the mass media reflects who?
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These sociologists argued that we now have access to a variety of content such as films and music.
Murdock and Golding
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In some countries, there are laws which limit concentration to prevent large organisations from controlling large sections of the media. What is this known as?
Media Deregulation
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Pluralists argue that there is now more of _______ in the media.
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Functionalists argue that the mass media is an agency of _________
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The mass media reinforces ___________.
Value Consensus
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The media stabilises _____________.
Social Solidarity
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Functionalists argue that the media helps to spread what?
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Functionalists argue that ___________ and individualism are encouraged.
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Card 2


This sociologist argued that the ruling class uses the media to encourage the working class to accept inequalities of a capitalist society.



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This sociologist argued that the programmes we watch help to remove doubts about society.


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Pluralists believe that the mass media reflects who?


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These sociologists argued that we now have access to a variety of content such as films and music.


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