matters of life and death

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what is assisted suicde?
providing ill people with the mean to commit
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what is euthanasia?
painless killing of someone suffering with a painful disease
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what is parnormal ?
unexplained things that are belived to have spirtal causes
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what is quality of life?
life must have some benfits for the worth of living.
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what is reincarnation?
belief that souls live on after death into a new body
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what is resurrection?
body stays in the grave to the end of the world when it will be raised
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what is sanctity of life?
the belief that life is holy and belongs to god
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why do non religous people believe in life after death?
near death experinces,reincarnation,mediums,ghost
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what is the two key christain beliefs?
resuurection and immortality of the soul
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where do you go after death?
hell,purgatory or heaven
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what christian evidence is there for life after death?
jesus from the dead, bible says there is life after death,churches teach there life after death, they belive that life after death gives life meaning and purpose.
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how do christians reflect on there life because of life after death?
the parable of the sheep and the goats tell christians they should help others if they want to go to heaven. all christians will try to follow jesus teachings to got to heaven.
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what is the islam beliefs for life ?(muslims)
the Quran teaches there life after death, muhmmand taught that there is life after death, they believe that life is a test.islam have 6 fundermental beliefs and one of them is life after death
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how do muslims live lifes due to the after life?
follow the five pillers of islam, follow the shari'ah law they also believe nothing should be removed from there body afterdeath
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why do some people not believe in life after death?
to many religous ideas about life death so must not be true they also dont follow teh holys books and there is no where for life after death
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what is euthanasia?


painless killing of someone suffering with a painful disease

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what is parnormal ?


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what is quality of life?


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what is reincarnation?


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