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What does intertextuality mean?
when a certain media mentions another media within it. I.E. soap magazines.
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What does dystopia mean?
The idea that our world is getting worse.
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What is a hybrid text?
when more than 1 genre merges.I.E.reality TV is a hybrid of game shows,documentaries and soaps.
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what is a patishe?
A homage to another media text,a respectful reference.
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What is a parody?
A joking mick take of another text.
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What originally British TV show gained Britain entry into the TV buying industry due to its immense success?
Who wants to be a millionaire.
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What is said to be the number 1 show on american TV?
American idol
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What year did product placement become legal for UK TV?
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What are the advantages of piracy?
It exposes your brand into a new market that then may give you the ability to then enter it as a result.
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How much does an average low budget TV show cost to make?
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How much does an average camera team cost to hire for a days work?
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How much do TV 'backroom' staff cost to employ on average per day?
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What method is very succseul in terms of maing money from childrens TV?
Mercchandising. this is where the prodcuts brand name or logo is used to make further products.e.g. Peppa pig cuddly toys.
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How much does it cost per episode for an average period drama?
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what is the main factor that makes period dramas so expensive to film?
The mise en scene. e.g.animals,clothing,set design ad props
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what 2 inventors worked in competition to make the first digitally transmitted images?
john logie Baird(mechanical) and Isaac Shoenberg (marconi electronic)
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what country did television first begin?
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How many countries does who wants to be a millionaire air in?
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what is format TV?
TV shows that's concepts are sold elsewhere,e.g. strictly.
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what genre are format TV shows usually?
reality shows or game shows.
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how many countries has the strictly format been sold to?
over 50.
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Why are TV studios often built on a countries border?
Then several different nationality versions of a show can be made in quick succession
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What is a programme playbook?
this is a manual,owned by the owner of a shows copywritght.inside it fetures all The set,lighting,presenter info,etc,needed in order to make sure when the show is aired elsewhere it remains identical in order to keep control of the brand image.
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How much is advertising revenue down by in the last 8 years?
£100 million
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Why has the price of ad shots decreased so rapidly?
Due to the ability to time shift. this is where the viewer can watch on catch up,online of simply skip the ads. Also not as many people are watching TV now,they are using online streaming services instead.
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What does Utopia mean?
A perfect world.
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What is the best way for period dramas to make money after they have been made?
Sold internationally
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what method can be used to produce shows for cheaper?
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how many of the worlds format shows are British?(percentage)
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What is advantage of a PSB?
It allows for more creative freedom and risks to be taken.
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what is it called when presenters move between the same format shows but in different countries?
presenter exporting
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what is the name of Simon cowells production company?
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Who ownes the x factor?
Simon Cowell
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How did who wants to be a millionaire originally fund its prize?
Via premium rate phone lines(People that wanted to apply for the show).
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who was who wants to be a millionaire made by?
2 way traffic production.
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What does dystopia mean?


The idea that our world is getting worse.

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