Media Studies Terminology

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what is a passive audience
an audience who do not engage with the text and are offended by the medias message
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what are production values
features in media that show if it was high budget for example the effects
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Hypodemic needle theory
injects ideas into audiences minds and effects the audience for example computer games make audiences violent
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Enigma code
leaves the audience asking questions and wanting to watch more for example a teaser trailer
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the type of props,costumes, sets used to be associated with a particular genre for example horses in wild west
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visual codes, composition, lighting
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Active audience
desccribes an audience that responds, interprets to the media codes in different ways and who actively engage with the message suggested
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sound that can be seen for example cereal being poured in advertisment
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transitions, shot types, special effects
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the effect the technical code will have on the audience for example a extreme close-up will make the audience uncmftable
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Demographic profiling
audience positoned based on sex,age, status, education, occupation and more mostly used by advertisement A-E ranking
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where the representation appears for example teenagers in news represented violent but in comedy sexual
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news values how big the event is
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news values unambigity
how clear meaning of event is
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compostion news values
different views of the event diffrent agenda
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time span of event and if it fits newspapers schedule
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who created reception theory?
Stuart Hall
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who created news values theory
Galtung and Ruge
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who created the uses and gratifcation theory
Blumer and Katz
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what is included in uses and gratifcation theory
diversion, information, social interaction, personal identity
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what is included in recpetion theory
prefferd reading, negotiated reading, oppositional reading
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what are production values


features in media that show if it was high budget for example the effects

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Hypodemic needle theory


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Enigma code


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