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Theorist: Stanley Cohen
Moral Panic & Interactionist
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Theorist: The Frankfurt School
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Theory: Removing the regulations and what people are prepared to pay for will create the best media representations
Free Market
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Theorist: Levi Strauss
Binary Opposition & Totems
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Theory: Genres go through a cycle of experimental, classic, parody, deconstruction, hybrid
Genre Cycle
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Theorist: Dyer
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Theory: Shocking media images make audiences less sensitive in the real world
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Theory: Audiences are sophisticated in their understanding of media text production and are less affected by their messages
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Theory: Men being represented in media texts as women want them to be
Female Gaze
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Theory: Messages in media texts have an automatic influence on audiences
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Theory: All genres are made up of binary oppositions
Genre Binary Opposition
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Theory: Human beings engaging with their world through creating a complex set of labels
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Theory: Men and women need to be able to imagine female violence in order for women to be held as true equal
Imagined Violence
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Theorist: Blumler and Katz
Uses and Gratifications
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Theory: Women being represented in media texts as men want them to be
Male Gaze
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Theorist: Stuart Hall
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Theory: If one audience member is influenced by a media text then they may influence another
Two Step Flow
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Theory: Audiences confusing the real world and the media world
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Theorist: Laura Mulvey
Male Gaze
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Theory: Messages placed in texts by producers are interpreted in different ways - intended, negotiated, oppositional
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Theory: Audience use media texts to gratify their needs - diversion, identity, relationship, surveillance
Uses and Gratifications
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Theorist: Noam Chomsky
Manufacture of Consent
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Theory: The influence of one culture's media over another
Cultural Imperialism
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Theory: Women in the media are widely represented in 4 ways - body, housewife, romantic, traditional female work
Dominant Female Stereotypes
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Theory: Audiences satisfy identity needs by identifying with a group represented in a media text
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Theory: Media stories, news, culture and art construct the way groups in society see the world around them
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Theory: Audiences consume media products with a clear set of pleasures to draw from the experience to replace negatives in reality
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Theory: Audiences no longer share the same levels of group experience due to digital media
Audience Fragmentation
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Theory: Genres are successful because the conflict at the centre of the narrative represents an important conflict in society
Genre Conflict
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Theorist: Baudrillard
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Theory: A rejection of the idea that there is any such thing as a natural identity - there is a dominant stereotype that individuals should conform to
Queer Theory
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Theory: A belief system that rejects the idea of a 'right' or 'wrong' way of doing things
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Theory: Society interacts with each other and affects social change
The Public Sphere
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Theory: Mass media texts are trying to naturalise the capitalist system/distract the audience from realising they are being exploited
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Theory: The hegemony of government and business will make use of commercial media to encourage audiences to agree with their policies
Manufacture of Consent
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Theorist: Jim Kitses
Genre Binary Opposition
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Theory: A society provides any law abiding group with a voice that represents them in society
Liberal Pluralist
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Theorist: Paul Lazarsfeld
Two Step Flow
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Theory: To understand genre you need to understand the interrelationships between producers/audience/text
Genre Triangle
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Theory: Repeated exposure to a media representation leads to beliefs becoming naturalised
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Theorist: Habermas
The Public Sphere
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Theory: Genres are made up of a set of ever growing elements from which producers can pick and choose from
Repertoire of Elements
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Theorist: Christian Metz
Genre Cycle
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Theory: Society uses totems to represent their core ideas and beliefs
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Theorist: Tom Ryall
Genre Triangle
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Theory: Mass media texts are constructed in order to maintain patriarchal (male dominated) status quo
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Theory: A concern in mainstream society being exaggerated to sell texts - creates the impression that the problem is bigger than it is
Moral Panic
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Theory: Humans perceiving things as being in opposition to each other
Binary Opposition
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Theorist: Tana Wollen
Dominant Female Stereotypes
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Theory: Media texts reflect the deep unconscious fears and desires of the human mind
Pychoanalytic Film
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Theorist: Judith Halberstam
Imagined Violence
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Theory: Individuals make active interpretations about the media
Post Structuralism
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Theorist: Robert Warshow
Genre Conflict
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Theorist: The Frankfurt School



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Theory: Removing the regulations and what people are prepared to pay for will create the best media representations


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Theorist: Levi Strauss


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Theory: Genres go through a cycle of experimental, classic, parody, deconstruction, hybrid


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