Mid 1917 Russia

Date of Lenin's first return
3rd April 1917
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Sum up the April Theses
Peace, Bread and Land
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'all power to the...'
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What did Lenin claim credit for
Peasant seizures of land
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outcome of April theses
Lenin had support of Bolshevik central committee to lead opposition to the Provisional Gov
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when were the 'July days' and what caused them
3-5 July 1917, grain prices doubled
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Kerensky took over from Lvov as PM on
18 July 1917
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How many sailors at Kronstadt uprising (July 1917)
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outcome of Kronstadt uprising
short term discredited Bolsheviks, offices and Pravda closed, Kamenev and Trostsky arrested, temporary relief of Left threat
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Who was Kornilov
chief commander in army
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measure Kerensky reintroduced
death penalty
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when was Kornilov coup
10-13 September 1917
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why were the Bolsheviks a good call for help
they had the support of the working class
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Bolshevik membership rise
Feb 1917: 23,000 Oct 1917: 200,000
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what was Trotsky's resolution after the Kornilov coup
to make Petrograd a 'military revolutionary centre'
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what did Trotsky become in September 1917
Chairman of Petrograd Soviet
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Date of Lenin's second return
10 October 1917
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who thought Russia was not economically ready for revolution
Kamenev and Zinoviev
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what was the vote in favour of revolution
10 to 2
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how many Petrograd garrisons declared allegiance to the soviet before the october revolution
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how many red guards
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how many baltic sailors
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how many soldiers
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Sum up the April Theses


Peace, Bread and Land

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'all power to the...'


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What did Lenin claim credit for


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outcome of April theses


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