Mid Tudor Crisis

How did harvests contribute to the Mid Tudor Crisis?
There were poor harvests in 1551 and 1555-1556
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There was high inflation as well as high what?
High unemployment
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What led to high spending under Somerset?
War with France and Scotland
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Did Mary fix the issue of war spending?
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How much did Somerset spend on war?
£1 million
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What happened in Antwerp in 1550?
The cloth market fell in 1550
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What were there 3 major events of which contributed to the crisis?
3 Rebellions
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What are 2 examples of rebellions which happened during the mid Tudor crisis?
Western Rebellion and Ketts Rebellion
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What year was the Western Rebellion and Ketts Rebellion?
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What caused the Western Rebellion?
The shift towards protestantism concerned catholics
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Why was the Western Rebellion a big problem for Somerset at the time?
Ketts Rebellion was on at the same time
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How was Catholic discontent ignored prior to the Western Rebellion?
More changes came into being like new plans of services and prayers in churches in 1549
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How many rebels were outside Exeter in the Western Rebellion?
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How many rebels were killed in the Western Rebellion?
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What were the causes of Ketts Rebellion?
Enclosures common, high unemployment and inflation, economic slump and poor harvest
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How many men rebelled at Ketts Rebellion?
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When was Somerset executed?
January 1552
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Why were there constant factions at court?
Ineffectual leadership from an infant and a woman who relied on her foreign husband for advice
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What upset the succession?
Lady Jane Greys appointment
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Why was there a crisis in the church?
There weren't enough clergy
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What was the biggest human catastrophe since the black death that occurred during the years 1557-1558?
There was a major flu epidemic
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What French territories were lost?
Boulogne and Calais
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Why was the succession of Edward VI successful?
Went through statute law
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Why could the rebellions be considered insignificant?
They were localised and easily crushed
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Why did the system of government not break down?
There was no revolution
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What do the ideas of a social crisis apply to?
The whole of the Tudor period, not just the mid tudors
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What happened to the cloth market trade after Antwerps fall?
It recovered after the fall of the Antwerp cloth trade
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Is there a constant economic crisis between 1547-1558?
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What was the second half of Marys reign like?
Largely peaceful
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Why could it be considered that it wasn't entirely the monarchs fault?
Some factors were out of their control
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Which historians created the idea of a mid Tudor crisis?
Albert Pollard, Stanley Bindoff and Whitney Jones
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When were the other bigger crises in the Tudor period?
1594-1595 and 1527
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How much had real wages fell during the period?
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What was the other rebellion in the period which was significant?
Wyatts Rebellion
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When was Wyatt's Rebellion?
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What was the war between England and Scotland called and why?
Rough wooing in an attempt to get Edward to be married to Mary Queen of Scots
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Who remained in power which contributed to the continuity of government?
William Paget, William Herbert and William Cecil
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How much of their income did the average worker spend on food?
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How much did military expenditure amount to between 1544-1550?
3.5 million
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According to Loades, which rebellion caused the most trouble in the 16th centrury?
Pilgrimage of Grace of 1536
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When was the Treaty of Boulogne signed?
March 1550
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How did A F Pollard describe the Treaty of Boulogne?
‘the most ignominious … signed by England during the century’
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There was high inflation as well as high what?


High unemployment

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What led to high spending under Somerset?


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Did Mary fix the issue of war spending?


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How much did Somerset spend on war?


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