Moscovici and minority influence

What did Moscovici study?
Minority influence
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Minority Influence
A form of social influence
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Minority influence most effective if the minority keeps the same views.This draws attention to the view.
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Minority influence more powerful if dedication is shown.Making personal sacrifices shows that the minority are not acting out of their own self-interest.
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(Nermeth) Minority influence more effective if the minority is being seen to compromise.
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What did Moscovici do in his study?
He conducted the 'blue slide green' test. Group of six people shown 36 blue coloured slides. Two confederates are in each group.The confederates constantly said the slides were green on 2/3 of the trials.
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What results did Moscovici get?
Participants gave the same wrong answer on 8.42% of the trials. 32% gave the same answer as the minority at least once.
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What happened to Moscovici's second group of participants?
Exposed to an inconsistent minority. Agreement fell to 1.25%
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What percentage agreement did Moscovici have in his control group?
(no confederates) 0.25%.
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What research did Wood find to support consistency?
Consistent minority has a greater affect. Wood did a meta-analysis of 100 similar studies.
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What research did Martin find to support 'depth of thought'?
Gave participants a message supporting a view and measured their support. One group heard a minority agree with a view. Other group heard from the majority. Participants exposed to conflicting views and attitudes were measured.
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What did Martin conclude?
Participants exposed to minority view less wiling to change there views than those who shared with the majority. Minority message more deeply processed and had a more enduring effect.
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Name a limitation of minority influence:
The task was too artificial. Too far removed from real life. External validity.
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A variation of Minority influence to support internalisation
Participants were allowed to write down the answers. Private agreement was greater in these circumstances. Participants being convinced by the minority but were reluctant to admit it as they didn't want to be associated with them.
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why is it said that minority influence research has limited real world applications?
There is not always clear difference between minority and majority in real life.
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A form of social influence

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