Nazi Propoganda

Newspapers - In 1933, no national papers allowed so Goebbel took over...
most of the publishers and controlled what journalist wrote
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Anti - Nazi newspaers...
were closed
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By 1944, only 1000...
daily newspaper were left
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Nazis threatened people who...
cancelled their subscription
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Films - The cinema was so popular that the Nazis produced propogand films like...
Jud Suss, which told the story of an evil Jew, and Ohm Kruger an anti-brittish film at the Boer War
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Admission was only allowed at the beginning, so you had to watch newsreels and...
documentary films about the Nazis
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Radio - Goebels formed the 'Reich Radio' company which...
controlled local radio stations
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Cheap radios were made which...
wouldn't pick up foreign radio channels
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By 1930, 70% of people...
had radios
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For those who didn't, 6000 loud speakers were elected in...
public places, where broadcasts included Hitler's speeches, german music and programs that taught kids ow to serve their country
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Festivals and Celebrations - People were encouraged to celebrate important days which...
included important speeches and parades
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J- day of seizing power, F- founding of Nazis, M- war heroes day...
A- Hitler's mothers bday, where thehlight re were flowers and portraits of H in schools
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The Nuremberg rallies was the highlight as there were...
parades and speeches made
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Culture - There was a 'Reich Chamber of Culture', where...
musicians,writers and actors had to be members
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Goebbels drew guidlines to what music should...
be played (e.g. german folk songs, classical and marching music)
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Jazz was considered bad as...
it was 'black' music + ratially inferior
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Theatre should concentrate on...
German history and political drama
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If you joined the Nazi Cultural Assosciation, you could go see 10 plays 1/2 price but...
Goebbels chose which ones you went to see
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were closed


Anti - Nazi newspaers...

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daily newspaper were left


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cancelled their subscription


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Jud Suss, which told the story of an evil Jew, and Ohm Kruger an anti-brittish film at the Boer War


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