Nursing the person with deteriorating health


1. What is the maximum amount of oxygen a non re-breathe oxygen mask will deliver?

  • More than 60%
  • Less than 60%
  • 40-60%
  • 100%
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2. 7) In acute severe asthma which of these is the expected peak expiratory flow?

  • 33-50% of predicted
  • 40-60% of predicted
  • less than 33% of predicted
  • They would not be able to perform a peak flow.

3. Which patient would you prioritise in an out of hospital trauma scene?

  • Talking, open fracture to tibia and fibula
  • Silent, not breathing hasn’t got a pulse
  • Patient with a partially amputated arm walking towards you
  • Patient crying hysterically with 3rd degree burns

4. A patient suffering from shock may present with:

  • Vasodilatation and a low blood pressure
  • A high blood pressure and vasodilatation
  • Hypertension and vasoconstriction
  • Bronchodilation and a low urinary output

5. Shock can best be described as:

  • An increase in cardiac output
  • A hypermetabolic reaction
  • Inadequate tissue perfusion
  • A poor urinary output


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