Office Jargon - Language and Occupation

Helicopter view
broad overview of the business
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Idea shower
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Touch base offline
Let's talk and meet
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low hanging fruit
Easy win business
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Look under the bonnet
Analyse the situation
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Get all your ducks in a row
Be organised
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Don't let the grass grow on this side
Work Fast
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Not enough Bandwidth
Too busy
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Cascading relevant information
Speaking to your colleagues
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The strategic staircase
Business Plan
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Run it up the flagpole
Try it out
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Put a record on and see who dances
Try it out
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Square the circle
Do something that is considered to be impossible.
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What is the purpose of office speak?
to gain more control, to show that you are on board with key ideas, enthusiastic, motivated and committed
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Why is office speak valued in business?
They do it for power, to show foreward thinking, to show an open minded approach
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What does it pragmatically suggest?
makes you seem like you are higher up and ambitious within the group, you are devoted to the group
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Why is it parodied?
It's ephemeral, it isnt really the fabric of the language
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Idea shower



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Touch base offline


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low hanging fruit


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Look under the bonnet


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