othello plot

act 1 scene 1
iago and roderigo anger brabantio out of bed in a venice street
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act 1 scene 2
iago and othello speak, brabantio shouts at othello to go to the duke's court
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act 1 scene 3
the duke hears brabantio's argument but sides with othello, desdemona is granted permission to assist her husband to cyprus after he is demanded there. iago tells roderigo to try and win desdemona in cyprus in disguise, first soliloquy.
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act 2 scene 1
introduction of cyprus, desdemona assisted by iago and worrying as othello not arrived yet, banter about women-cassio and desdemona intimate, iago plots their downfall-othello reunited with desdemona and reveals war with turkey is over-soliloquy iago
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act 2 scene 2
othello declares public holiday in celebration of peace
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act 2 scene 3
iago gets cassio drunk, persuades roderigo to start a fight with him which ends up in montano being stabbed, othello finding out and firing cassio. iago tells cassio to pursue desdemona if he wants his job back, soliloquy again where he reveals plans
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act 3 scene 1
cassio serenades desdemona in attempt to get his job back, clown weird comedic scene, asks emilia if he can speak with her mistress
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act 3 scene 2
othello leaves his quarters to inspect the island's fortifications
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act 3 scene 3
desdemona promises cassio to try + get his job back, pleading with othello (who is understanding), iago begins to torment othello's mind, desdemona drops handkerchief, emilia gives it to iago, othello sees proof + is jealous, orders cassio's death
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act 3 scene 4
othello confronts desdemona but she keeps talking about cassio, desdemona refuses to believe othello is jealous, bianca given handkerchief by cassio that he found in his room to copy embroidery
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act 4 scene 1
othello falls into a fit in jealousy, observes cassio and iago speaking of bianca but othello thinks its desdemona, sees handkerchief in bianca's hand. lodovico introduced with letter from venice, othello strikes desdemona.
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act 4 scene 2
othello interrogates emilia about desdemona's faithfulness, then confronting desdemona of her cheating, iago tries to soothe distressed desdemona before plotting cassio's death with roderigo
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act 4 scene 3
desdemona prepares for bed and sings the willow song
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act 5 scene 1
roderigo attacks cassio leading to both being wounded, othello thinks iago has killed cassio, iago stabs cassio and roderigo (kills him), he uses bianca as a scapegoat, emilia agreeeing
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act 5 scene 2 (1)
othello has very important soliloquy as he approaches desdemona's bed, killing her as she pleads for her life, emilia discovers body and cries for help, figuring out that iago is at fault, dying to defend desdemona's purity.
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act 5 scene 2 (2)
iago stabs emilia in attempt to escape but is trapped, othello tries to kill him when realising that desdemona was faithful, kills himself. desdemona, emilia, and othello lie killed in desdemona's bed. lodovico closes the play with a bleak paragraph.
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iago and othello speak, brabantio shouts at othello to go to the duke's court

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