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R v G 2008
15-y-o having sex with a 12-y-o; human rights not breached as law should protect vulnerable people
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Pearce v Brookes 1866
Cab owner failed to enforce a contract with a cab owner; cabs being used for immoral purposes
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Otkritie Int'l Investment Management Ltd v Urumov 2013
Court specifically made the link between law and morality
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R v Inglis 2010
While life sentence for murder stands; judge can reduce the tariff
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Rynes v Urad 2014 (Law and technology)
Footage from a surveillance camera used to prove guilt; argued it breached Czech data protection law
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Bellringer v Bellringer 2003 (HRA 1998)
Declaration of incompatibility issued for 1973 Act under ECHR; Parliament later passed the Gender Recognition Act 2004 to remove the incompatibility
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R (Anderson) v Secretary of State for the Home Department 2002
Judge could fix a tariff for a life sentence; HOL decided this was incompatible with Article 6 ECHR
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A v Secretary of State for the Home Department 2005
Detained indefinitely under Article 15 which was entitled in times of war and public emergency; it was for the gov't to decide if there was an emergency situation, powers were disproportionate
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Wainwright v United Kingdom 2007
***** searched; held to not be proportionate to Article 8; lack of a tort of invasion of privacy violated Article 13
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Hirst v United Kingdom (no. 2) 2005
Prisoner barred by s3 of the 1983 Representation of the People Act from voting in elections; ECtHR upheld his complaint
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What is important about this, however?
UK domestic law does not have to follow decisions of the ECtHR, unlike the ECJ
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(Article 5) Guzzardi v Italy 1981
Man suspected of criminal activities sent to isolated island; he had a strict curfew, wasn't allowed to go to bars and had to report to supervisory authorities; in violation of his human rights
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Secretary of State for the Home Department v JJ 2007
Controlees subject to an 18-hour curfew, confined to restricted areas; deprivation of liberty
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Secretary of State for the Home Department v E 2007
12-hour curfew in home with wife and family; no restrictions; not a deprivation of liberty
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Cheshire West and Chester Council v P 2014
P was incontinent and developed the habit of tearing pieces off his continence pad; placed in all body suit
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P and Q by their litigation friend the Official Solicitor v Surrey County Council 2011
P devoted to foster mother, went home during the holidays, if she tried to leave foster mother would restrain her; Q restrained due to outbursts against mental patients; Supreme Court decided both cases represented a deprivation of liberty
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What was the "Lady Hale" Test and what did it set out?
"Is the patient under continuous supervision and not entitled to leave?"
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J E v D E, aka Re DE 2006
D E in a care home, wanted to move in with J E, deprived of his liberty as he couldn't leave; no need for a lock or physical barrier
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Austin v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis 2009
Police stood in lines across the exits from Oxford Circus; HOL considered measures were resorted to in good faith, proportionate, and enforced for no longer than necessary; didn't offend Article 5
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R (Moos) v Metropolitan Police Commissioner 2011
Police must be in apprehension of "an imminent breach of the peace" before taking action
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Mengesha v Metropolitan Police Commissioner 2013
Chief superintendent filmed those leaving and took down their details; police requirement unlawful under s64A of PACE 1984
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R (Gillan) v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis 2006
C stopped under s44 Terrorism Act; as he was merely being stopped no violation of Article 5
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R (Roberts) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis 2012
No deprivation of liberty, only held temporarily
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Shimvolos v Russia 2011
Had been forced to the police station; Article 5(1)(c) doesn't allow detention, as a general policy of prevention, of people who are perceived to be a threat
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Christie v Leachinsky 1947
Charged with "unlawful possession" and detained in custody; D claimed false imprisonment; HOL decideed that the imprisonment was justified
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R v Samuel 1988
D denied access to a lawyer; questioned about robbery and burglary and only received legal advice afterwards; right to legal representation could not be delayed; certainly not delayed after a serious arrestable offence; conviction quashed
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Taylor v Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police 2004
A 10-year-old boy arrested at a protest for violent disorder committed at a previous protest; enough of a description
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Brown v Stott 2001
D admitted she was drink-driving, used in court; argued that this amounted to self-incrimination; Article 6 complied with
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Osman v United Kingdom 2000
Police sued for failure to protect a family from harassment; ECtHR argued the blanket immunity was a disproportionate restriction on C's right of access to court
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R v Bow Street Magistrate, ex parte Pinochet Ugarte 2000
One of the judges in the Pinochet case had not disclosed his links to Amnesty Int'l; judges must disclose an interest to the case
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Steel and Morris v United Kingdom 2005
Sued by McDonald's for publishing a defamatory leaflet; S&M represented themselves against corporate barristers; complexity and differing levels of legal representation meant violation of Art. 6
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T and V v United Kingdom 2000
11-y-o boys tried in a Crown Court room; public trial in an adult court; trial was in breach of Art. 6
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Secretary of State for the Home Department v A F 2009
Evidence against defendants based on closed material; HOL held that it was unlawful to hold somebody under a control order without them knowing why
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B and P v United Kingdom 2002
Family cases usually held in private; ECtHR held it was valid to hold a private trial in some circumstances, no breach of Article 6
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Brumarescu v Romania 1999
B's family's house nationalised by the state in the 1950; Court held house passed on under a valid law; ECtHR upheld B's complaint as there had been a final judgement which could not be re-opened
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Ibrahim v United Kingdom 2016
Ds arrested in connection with the London bombings; refused legal assistance to allow "safety interviews"; no breach of Article 6
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(Article 8) Niemitz v Germany 1992
Correspondence is private life; police searched a lawyer's office for information on a suspect
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Halford v United Kingdom 1997
Telephone calls intercepted by senior police officers to obtain information; interception of the phone calls of a private employee was the breach of the right to private life
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Axon v Secretary of State for Health 2006
Provided a child is Gillick competent; right to parental interference violates Article 8
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Wainwright v Home Office 2003
*****-searched; Article 8 includes touching the body as a part of the right to a private life
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Campbell v MGN Ltd 2004
Naomi Campbell photographed leaving a Narcotics Anonymous meeting; no question of Article 10 over Article 8 or a presumption of favour
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PJS v News Group Newspapers 2016
Elton John tried to stop publication of information that he had a *********; criticism of a person's conduct cannot be a pretext for an invasion of privacy; neither Article 8 or Article 10 takes precedence
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Agyarko and Ikuga v Secretary of State for the Home Dep't 2015
Relied on relationships with British citizens to remain in the UK; no reason they couldn't continue their relationships outside of the UK; no exceptional circumstances under Article 8
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Gaskin v United Kingdom 1989
Refusal to allow access to adoption records a violation of his rights under Article 8; must be a specific justification
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Johannsen v Norway 1996
Opposed adoption; court should consider the best interests of the child, which may override those of the parent
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(Home) Khatun v United Kingdom 1998
Applicants suffered from pollution of the area of their home by dust caused by building works in the London Docklands; proprietary interest applied to all tenants
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Connors v UK and Price v Leeds City Council 2005
Article 8 is engaged where the dispute relates to eviction from a lawful site for gypsy caravans, but not where the occupation of land is unauthorised
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McDonald v McDonald 2016
Girl with mental health issues in a house; parents couldn't pay mortgage so she was evicted; Article 8 does not require whether it's proportionate to evict a residential occupier in a possession claim brought by private landlord
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(Correspondence) Barbalescu v Romania 2016
Used company Yahoo account for personal messages; interfered with his private life
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Tele2Sverige and Watson 2016
Where national legislation provides for data retention, any retention must be strictly necessary for the purposes of investigating serious crime
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(Article 10) Handyside v United Kingdom 1976
Convicted under Obscene Publications Act; no violation of Article 10 because of the margin of appreciation of a member state
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Goodwin v United Kingdom 1996
Goodwin failed to disclose the source of company financial information and was fined; order for disclosure not necessary, a breach of Article 10
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Axel Springer AG v Germany 2012
The rights to Article 8 of an actor who had been photographed outweighed Article 10
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Steel and Morris v United Kingdom 2005
Steel and Morris ordered to pay damages to McDonald's in 1997; given lack of procedural fairness violation of Article 10
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A v B plc (Flitcroft v MGN Ltd) 2002
No proper public interest in a tabloid newspaper publishing name of a footballer who'd been unfaithful to his wife; no violation of Article 10
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Otto-Preminger-Institut v Hungary 1994
Institute tried to show a film that offended the Catholic religion; institute claimed a violation of Article 10 but failed because of the right of a member state to avoid cultural offence
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Garuady v France 2003
Garuady disputed that the Holocaust had happened in a book; however unpalatable his views, should not be banned under Article 10
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Guerra v Italy 1998
Italian state failed to provide information about potentially hazardous industry near where they lived; positive obligations to collect and disseminate information are not included in Article 10
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Observer and Guardian v United Kingdom 1995
Newspapers challenged an injunction against their publication of restricted information; injunctions overturned as Spycatcher had been published in the USA
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R v Shayler 2002
No public interest defence in the publication of classified documents
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(Prevention of disorder or crime) Surek v Turkey 1999
Newspaper charged with publishing readers' letters against Turkish actions in Kurdistan; applicant's conviction was both relevant and sufficient; intervention proportionate to its legitimate aim, no violation
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(Protection of public health and morals) Muller v Switzerland 1988
Man convicted for owning obscene paintings; ECtHR did not find Swiss courts to be disproportionate
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Open Door and Dublin Well Woman v Ireland 1992
Publishing information about abortion clinics in Great Britain allowed under Article 10
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(Protection of the rights and reputation of others) Bedat v Switzerland 2016
Grand Chamber found no violation of Article 10; fine imposed on Mr Bedat was necessary in a democratic society
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Sunday Times v United Kingdom 1979
Reporting on thalidomide negotiations would obstruct justice; ECtHR said that the thalidomide disaster was a matter of public concern
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Pinto Coelho v Portugal (no. 2) 2016
Portuguese journalist played broadcasts from the courtroom; not authorised for public release; Article 10 violated
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Yildrim v Turkey 2013
State ordered blanket blocking of This breached the right to freedom of expression
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(Article 11) Cisse v France 2002
Protesters against the difficulty of getting work visas stormed a church in Paris; police ordered the evacuation of the church on medical grounds. No violation of Article 11
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Artze fur das leben v Austria 1988
Demonstrations must be able to be held without the fear of physical violence by their opponents; while there is a right to counter-demonstrate sometimes the state must intervene to ensure order
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DPP v Margaret Jones 1999
A peaceful assembly on the highway, which did not interfere with or obstruct the highway, was not a trespassory assembly
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Appleby v United Kingdom 2003
Protesting the construction of a new mall, despite the importance of freedom of expression, Article 11 does not grant any freedom as to where an individual may exercise that right
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(Freedom of association) McFeeley v United Kingdom 1981
Ant-terrorist prisoners isolated; decided on the basis of Article 3
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Redfearn v United Kingdom 2012
Bus driver drove around mostly Asian disabled youths, fear of abuse as he joined the BNP; lost his job yet the court held this struck at the "very essence" of the rights contained in Article 11
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(Aggravated trespass) DPP v Chivers 2010
Locked himself to a stair railing using a D-lock around his neck, court decided that land includes a building so all three had been correctly charged with aggravated trespass
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R (Laporte) v Chief Constable of Gloucestershire 2006
Stopped coaches carrying anti-Iraq War protestors; some of the protestors had purely peaceful intentions including Laporte but items were found suggesting more violent; not allowed to get off coach under police escort; unlawful as disproportionate
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