Philosophy- Eschatology and Apocalypse

What is the definition of eschatology?
Beliefs about the destiny of mankind and the world. From the Greek word eschatos meaning last
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What are three types of eschatology?
Inaugurated, futurist and eschatology
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What is inaugurated eschatology?
The belief that the Kingdom of God are 'not yet' aspects
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What is realised eschatology?
We should understand the kingdom as a present, experimental reality rather than a distant, future event
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What is futurist eschatology?
The Kingdom of God in the future and God will intervene directly in the future
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What does the New Testament believe?
That the The Kingdom of God which is something that is 'drawing near' but it is still in the future
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What did C. Weiss and Schweirtzer say?
That the Kingdom of God is arriving at the end
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What did Feuberach and Marx say?
Marx rejected those Utopian socialist who sought to arrive at communism.
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What did Rudolf Bultmann?
That the bible was too mythical. Therefore, he stated that the bible needed to be revised to get rid of any exaggerations and mystical elements.
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What did Mark 13 say? What does this teach about the importance of faith?
The great tribulation will happen, Jesus tells of the signs of the second coming. It is important for Christians to remain faithful.
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What is the Great Tribulation?
Period before the millennium when God destroys the earth and humanity suffers. God comes to earth because the Anti-Christ is here on earth
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What is premillennialism? Who is it popular amongst?
Evangelical protestants in America, pessimistic view of the world. The second coming will happen at the state of the millenium
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What is dispensationalism?
A theological belief devised by J.M. Darby God's plan is split into 7 sections.
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What is postmillenialism and amillenialism?
The second coming will occur at the end of the millennium. They believe that there is not a specific period of time
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What is the rapture?
It will happen before the tribulation period in the last 7 years of age, followers of Jesus will be taken to Heaven.
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What is the Big rip? What is it a view of?
Secular eschatology- where ever matter of the universe is progressively torn apart by the expansion of the universe at a certain time in the future
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What is the Big Crunch?
The universes expansion will not continue forever, it will collapse into itself
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What is another example of Secular eschatology?
Climate change
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What is apocalypse? Where does the word come from?
Revelation, especially about the end of the world. From the Greek word APOKAYPSIS meaning 'uncovering'
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Where is this quote from: 'In my vision at night I looked, and there before was another beast terrifying'
Daniel 7
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Who wrote the Book of Revelation? Who is he?
John and it is a record of the vision he had.He was a Christian leader of Jewish Origins
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What is apocalyptic literature?
Where a message is delivered using numbers, symbols and images. It is the characteristic of times where the persecuted needed to send a message that wouldn't be understood by the persecutors
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What did the Book of revelation's images equate to?
The Roman Emperor with Satan
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What three ways can the book of revelation be interpreted?
Preterist, futurist and idealist
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What is teotwawki?
This stands for some atheist views that anticipate an imminent, world changing crisis.
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What are three examples of secular apocalypse views?
Singularity, Climate change and Running out of fossil fuels
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What is singularity?
It is the hypothetical future creation of super intelligent machines. It is defined as a technologically created cognitive capacity far beyond that possible for humans.
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How does this link to death and beyond?
Death: the end of the world shouldn't be feared as God will save those who have been righteous. BEYOND: Affirms belief in heaven, as God will save those who need to be saved
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How does this link to the nature and value of human life?
Nature: The nature of our life is to 'prepare' us for the second coming of Christ. Value: our value will change depending on whether you are an atheist or theist
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How does this link the the importance of the present live and life after death?
Present life: In our present life we are expected to follow God's law
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What is Christopher Rowland's quotation?
An urgent expectation of a dawn of a new age
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What is Collin's quotation?
'All apocalypse.. involve a transcendent eschatology that looks for retribution beyond the bonds of history.'
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Who said this quotation- 'God will solve the many riddles of existence which presented themselves'?
Isiah 64:1
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What did Daniel 2:28 say?
There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries
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Who said 'probably no God so just enjoy life'?
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What did Karl Marx describe religion as?
The opium of the world
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What did Iraneus say?
That we are 'made in the likeness of God'
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What did Mark Twain say?
'Endeavour to live life so that when you come to die even the undertaker will be sorry'
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What did Ecistentialists say?
'Essence proceeds existence'
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What are three types of eschatology?


Inaugurated, futurist and eschatology

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