Prime Minister and the Executive

"Hire and Fire"
Prerogative power to appoint and reshuffle cabinet. E.g. Michael Gove from education minster to Chief Whip
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"Sofa Governemnt" "Kitchen cabinet"
When a Prime Minister has informal meetings of a few me,bers of the cabinet
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Big Beasts
Big names in the government that have a lot of impact. George osborne. Blair had to have brwon - represente Scotland too.
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The civil servents. Unelected part of government
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Cabinet Government
25 members. effectively make most of the policy. e.g. Boris Johnson, Theresa May. Suggests the Prime minister is "Primes inter pares"
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Collective responsibility
Convention that amkes memeber of the UK cabinet stand out publicly together even if they disagree behind closed doors. Convention has been suspended for the EU referendum.
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Conviction Politicians/ Transformational leaders
Take an ideological view of fundamental views. Does not just represent what will be popular in the polls. e.g. Margret thatcher
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Elective Dictatorship
Coined by Lord Halisham. E.g. Tony Blair, lanslide majority. dominate legislative process.
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Individual ministerial responsibility
A convention where Ministers are held accountable for their personal behaviour and the conduct of their departements. Liam Fox (defence minister) abused power, his friend used govt papers.
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Ministerial Blunders
When ministers amke mistakes and has to resign. e.g. David Laws - expences scandal.
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PM has power over political appointments, therfore they have patronage which means the MP's do what the PM wants so they have a chance of gaining a cabinet position.
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Permanent Civil servants
The Civil servants don't come and go with different parties in government. they are not party affiliated.
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Primus inter Pares
When the PM is first among equal and dosen't dominate cabinet.
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Special Advisors
A political appointment. Answerable to ministers or the PM. e.g. Ed Miliband
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Spin Doctor
Employed by PM to manage the media. E.g. alastair campbell
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"Pressure of Events" "Spend more time with one's family"
Reason minsters give for leaving if they have been fired. Ruth Kelly siad she wanted to spend more time with family, but actually disputed Browns policy.
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Vote of confidence/no confidence
When Parliament votes out governement, happens in minority governements. e.g. callaghn
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Laissez-faire leaders
"Hands-off" leadership style, where they delgate the roles and leave ministers to it.
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"Sofa Governemnt" "Kitchen cabinet"


When a Prime Minister has informal meetings of a few me,bers of the cabinet

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Big Beasts


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Cabinet Government


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