Psychology As A Science

What does cause and effect mean?
Experimental research aims to demonstrate the casual relationship by manipulating IV to measure effect on DV
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What does falsification mean?
Ability to demonstrate a hypothesis is false
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What does replicability mean?
Ability to repeat original procedure in same way
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What does objectivity mean?
Take an unbiased external perspective by not being affected by personal viewpoints
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What does Induction mean?
Scientific method that uses observations to generate testable hypotheses which are then developed into theories
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What does deduction mean?
Scientific method that develops hypotheses from theories then tests hypotheses to see how far they hold true
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What is hypothesis testing?
Hypothesis is formulated once a theory is identified and is then tested using empirical research
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What is the manipulation of variables?
Manipulation of IV to measure its effect dependent on whether it is or isn't present
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What does control mean?
Extent to which any variables are held constant or regulated by researcher
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What does standardisation mean?
Ensuring all procedures are the same for every participant so performances are comparable
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What are quantifiable measures?
When behaviour is recorded in numbers for ease of analysis
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What does falsification mean?


Ability to demonstrate a hypothesis is false

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What does replicability mean?


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What does objectivity mean?


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What does Induction mean?


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