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The Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development (UPBRINGING)
Farrington, D.P. et al. (2006)
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Theory of Differential Association (UPBRINGING)
Sutherland, E.H. (1947)
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The Peterborough Youth Study (UPBRINGING)
Wikstrom, P-O, and Tajfel H. (2003)
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A study of thinking patterns in criminals (COGNITION)
Yochelson, S. and Samenow, S. (1976)
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Moral development in children (COGNITION)
Kohlberg, L (1963)
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Attribution of blame and crime type (COGNITION)
Gudjohnnson G.H. and Bownes, I. (2002)
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The development of anti-social and aggressive behaviour in children (BIOLOGY)
Raine, A. et al. (2002)
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Genetic abnormality and violent behaviour (BIOLOGY)
Brunner, H.G. et al. (1993)
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Homocide rates and life expectancy (BIOLOGY)
Wilson, M. and Daly, M. (1997)
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Internal and external features in facial recognition (INTERVIEWING WITNESSES)
Bruce, V. (Frowd) et al. (2007)
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Loftus, E.F. et al. (1987)
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Field test of the cognitive interview technique (INTERVIEWING WITNESSES)
Fisher R.P. et al. (1989)
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Police officers' ability to detect lies (INTERVIEWING SUSPECTS)
Mann, S. et al. (2004)
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Reid's 'Nine-steps' interrogation technique (INTERVIEWING SUSPECTS)
Inbau, F. et al. (1986)
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A case of false confession (INTERVIEWING SUSPECTS)
Gudjohnnson, G.H. et al. (1990)
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The organised/ disorganised typology of serial murder: myth or model? (OFFENDER PROFILING)
Canter, D. et al. (2004)
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A multivariate model of sexual offence behaviour (OFFENDER PROFILING)
Canter, D. (1996)
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The case of John Duffy (OFFENDER PROFILING)
Canter, D. (1995)
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Effects of evidence order on verdicts (PERSUADING A JURY)
Pennington, N. and Hastie, R. (1998)
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The effects of expert witness testimony on jurors' decisions (PERSUADING A JURY)
Cutler, B.L. et al. (1989)
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The effects of inadmissable evidence on jurors' verdicts (PERSUADING A JURY)
Pickel, K.L. (1995)
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The effects of physical attractiveness on jury verdicts (WITNESS APPEAL)
Castellow, W.A. et al. (1990)
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The effect of witness confidence on jurors' assessment of eyewitness evidence (WITNESS APPEAL)
Penrod, S. and Cutler, B. (1995)
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The impact of protective shields/videotaped testimony on conviction rates (WITNESS APPEAL)
Ross, D. et al. (1994)
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Stages in decision-making and influences (REACHING A VERDICT)
Hastie, R. et al. (1983)
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The power of influence and conformity (REACHING A VERDICT)
Asch, S.E. (1955)
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Minority influence and percieved autonomy in decision-making (REACHING A VERDICT)
Nemeth, C. and Watchler, J. (1974)
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Sutherland, E.H. (1947)


Theory of Differential Association (UPBRINGING)

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Wikstrom, P-O, and Tajfel H. (2003)


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Yochelson, S. and Samenow, S. (1976)


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Kohlberg, L (1963)


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