Ralph Vaughan Williams

Composers name?
Ralph Vaughan Williams
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Williams' birth?
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Williams' death?
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One of his most famous pieces?
'The Lark Ascending'
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What was 'The Lark Ascending' written for?
Violin and Orchestra
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What did Williams want to break away from?
German Romantic style (like most composers in 20th century)
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Name three of Willams' influences
English Folk, English Choral Tradition, French 'Impressionist' composers
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Explain why Williams was influenced by English Folk
Williams was interested and English Folk was already dying out. Had been passed down from generation to generation. Often performed unaccompanied. William collected these stories to preserve them
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What in English Folk influenced Williams?
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What type of church music was Williams influenced by?
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Name composers of Tutor church music
Thomas Tallis and William Byrd
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What in Church music influenced Williams?
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Who did Williams study with and where did they study?
Ravel, in Paris
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Was this before or after writing 'Wenlock Edge'?
Shortly before
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What in french impressionist music influenced Williams?
The use of tremolo in strings and parallel hamonies
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In what piece does Williams use a Bell effect?
'Bredon Hill'
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What composer has a piece which is reminiscent of the Bell effect?
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What is this piece called? (Debussy)
'The submerged Cathedral'
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Was Debussy's piece written before or after Williams' piece?
A little after
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What type of piece is 'On Wenlock Edge'?
A song cycle
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When was 'On Wenlock Edge' written?
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What were these pieces based on?
Six poems from 'A Shropshire Lad' By A.E Housman.
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When were these poems written?
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What do these poems depict?
Rural life and convey sense of lost innocence
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What is the instrumentation in Williams' piece like?
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What is a piano quintet?
Piano and string quartet
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What is a solo voice and piano quintet?
solo voice, piano and string quartet
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What is rarer?
solo voice and piano quintet
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What part did Williams create an alternative version in case another instrument was not believable?
Piano in case strings were not avaliable
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What do the instruments play?
Piano contains harmonies of strings and the left hand frequently doubles the Cello
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Other features of Piano?
Block Chords, trills, parallel chords, Una Corda (one string), ostinato, rapid arpeggios
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Features of strings?
Tremolo, (cello) triple stopped pizz., sul ponticello (metallic sound), instrumentation is reduced, con sardino (muted), pizz. and arco, open harmonics (lightly on string to create sound octave higher)
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Features of voice?
Tenor soloist, not viruosic, occasional high notes (high A on 'dead'), mainly syllabic except melismas on 'happy' in Brendon Hill
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