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1. Describe the advantage of having two bones in one's lower arm

  • Allows for rotation, greater flexibility
  • Allows for hinged up and down movement
  • Allows for super strength
  • Allows for other things to join to it more easily
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2. Can you remember the 4 properties of bone (according to Mr Human Scientist)?

  • no
  • delicious, tasty, pointy, bone
  • Support, Protect, Aid movement, Make blood
  • Encase, Repair, Aid resistance to gravity, Make porridge

3. Are bones essential to life which can move of its own volition?

  • No, there are many creatures without bones
  • Yes, skellingtons are essential to defy gravity and your own weight/inertia
  • No, some things have structural support systems made of metal, wood, very hard proteins, and other various materials
  • Yes. Just because.

4. Who is more at risk of osteoporosis?

  • John: 45 years old, very active, marathon runner, healthy BMI, sometimes drinks too much
  • Andrea 21: has a family history of osteoporosis, has a BMI of 42, takes lots of calcium supplements
  • Carl: six months old, loves shapes, colours, and sounds, hates baths
  • Alfred: 72, has a duff hip but generally in very good health, eats healthily

5. Oh no you silly billy, you've broken a RIB! You go to A&E and demand a cast for recovery but they say no, why?

  • A lot of ribs heal on their own, which is great as it's a difficult area to heal due to constant movement from breathing etc, not a conducive area to bandage up
  • That it. Death sentence. It's all downhill from here.
  • Because you demanded it rather than asking nicely.
  • Because ribs are actually cartilage


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