Religion and Poverty

Absolute poverty:
Lack of basic needs.
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Relative poverty:
Access to basic needs but no luxuries.
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Short term aid definition and examples:
Provide immediate response after an emergency such as an earthquake e.g. Shelter Box and Christian Aid provided relief after the Philippines typhoon.
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Long term aid definition and examples:
The continuing of short term aid by making it permanent or running sustainable charities e.g. Water Aid have helped Mali since 2000 by repairing hand pumps and installing communal tapstands.
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Examples of LEDCs:
Mali, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso.
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Causes of poverty:
Climate, natural disasters, war, corruption, debt, fair trade & exploitation.
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God created the world and everything in it so we have a responsibility to look after it and all his creations including the less fortunate.
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Act with love towards the less fortunate. Feel sympathy and care strongly for others.
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Everyone is equal and should be treated fairly.
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Work of Christian organisations to alleviate world poverty:
CAFOD (Cristian) started with generating funds one day a year, became long term & campaign for a fairer world & funded water pipes for Brazilian shanty town. Christian Aid provided emergency relief after Philippines typhoon & aim to remove poverty.
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Work of Buddhist organisations to alleviate world poverty:
Buddhist Global Relief aim to remove absolute poverty e.g. girls in Cambodia remain in education (escape sex trade) due to rice provision. The Karuna Trust helps the disadvantaged in India, AIDS project, education & hostels for poor children.
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Muslim contribution to charity:
Annual payment (2.5% of yearly savings) to Zakah (the needy).
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Ways believers care for the poor in developing countries:
Aid, buying fair trade products, voluntary service, donations to charities, religious charities.
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The need for sustainable development:
Many LEDCs are in debt with high interest levels & have no means of paying back the loans. Get them back on track, rebuild lives, remove poverty
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Christian teachings on world poverty:
"Love your enemies". "Always treat others as you would like to be treated". "Love others as you love yourself"."Love your neighbour as yourself".
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Christian beliefs on world poverty:
Agape. Compassion. Love. Jesus helped the less fortunate. Justice. Equality. Day of judgment.
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Buddhist teachings on world poverty:
"Health is the greatest of gifts". "Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike". "Avoid harming living beings". "Right action". "Right speech". "Right livelihood".
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Buddhist beliefs on world poverty:
Karma, cycle of rebirth. Karuna (compassion). Selfish craving is direct cause of suffering. Generisity is one of the '6 perfections'.
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Muslim teachings on world poverty:
"Visit the sick, feed the hungry, release the suffering".
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Muslim beliefs on world poverty:
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The need for sustainable development?
Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.
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Relative poverty:


Access to basic needs but no luxuries.

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