Reporting psychological investigations

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What is the first section of a report called
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When do you write the abstract
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What is in an abstract
Complete summary of all the research
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Why have an abstract
Saves time - poeple can read it and work out if the report is relevant to them
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What is in an introduction
The aims of the research, then a summary of literature, then a hypothesis
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What types of hypothesis are in an introduction
Experimental (directional/non directional) and a null hypothesis (predicts no difference)
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what comes after an intro
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what does a method outline
What you did, when, where and with who
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What MUST a method allow someone to do
fully replicate your study and assess consistency
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Outline the 3 parts of a method
1. participants 2. materials 3.procedure
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What shoudl you write about in 'participants'
sample size, sample method
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what is in the materials section
list of all items used during the experiment
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what about procedure
step by step guide detailing the method and desgn you have chosen, exactly what you asked pp to do, 2. ethics - did you decieve? why?solution? 3. what stat test
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what is in the results section
charts, tables graphs etc
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is the results for lengthy analysis?
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What must you do on graphs and charts
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what do the results slip into
descriptive stats and inferential stats
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What are descriptive stats
describe trends and pattern (e.g. how many girls or average performance)
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what are inferential stats
significance of results - reject or accept null?
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what comes after the results section
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what is an a discussion section
explain results and draw conclusions
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what is the first part of a discussion section
discussion of results - reference all tables and charts, accept or reject null?
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2nd part?
how your results fit with background literature
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issues with your study
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recommendations fpr future research or experiments
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what is contained within an appendix
documents you refere to but not included in main body
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what type of data is in an appendix
raw - data before it was processed
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what copies should be in an appendix
copies of interviews or questionnaires
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what type of instructions are found in the appendix
standardised written instructions (details what pp will have to do) including consent
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wht referencing should be used
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