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Give 4 Christian teachings which support animal rights.
'And it was good', 'A righteous man looks after his beasts', 'not one (sparrow) is forgotten, 'The earth is the Lords and everything in it'
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Give 7 Christian reasons as to why eating meat is okay.
Dominion, humans are sentient, we are all made in God's image whereas animals aren't, animals don't have a soul, Humans appreciate things, 'everything that liveth and moveth is there for you to eat.', Jesus ate meat.
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Give 9 reasons as to why Buddhists may be against eating meat.
Karma (+samsaric wheel), 1st precept, metta, sila, kusala, karuna, right action, right livelihood, three poisons (greed, hatred + dillusion).
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What is the law surrounding animal rights?
If you are found to be harming an animal in any way you will be prosecuted.
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Who are the RSPCA?
A group that uses laws to protect animals and their rights, created by a Christian in 1892.
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Who are 'The A.L.F'?
An illegal organisation that believes breaking the law is justifiable if done to protect animals.
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Who are P.E.T.A?
A group that protests peacefully and uses the law to try and make changes for animal rights.
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What is a vegetarian?
Somebody who doesn't eat meat.
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What is a vegan?
Somebody who doesn't use animal products or eat meat.
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What do Jews believe about the way that an animal should be killed?
They should be killed quickly with a slice across the throat, before being drained of its blood.
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Give 7 reasons as to why a Christian may be against abortion.
Not everyone can have a child, sanctity of life, 'be fruitful and multiply', 'love thy neighbour', life begins at conception, 'I knew you before you were born', 'I knitted you together in your mother's womb'.
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Give 3 reasons as to why a Christian may justify abortion.
Quality of life, 'the most loving thing to do', 'the lesser of two evils'.
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Give 4 reasons as to why a Buddhist may be against abortion.
Right action, 1st precept, bad karma, stopping a potential person from reaching enlightenment.
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Give 2 reasons as to why a Buddhist may justify abortion.
Right intention, there is no real starting point of life (wheel of samsara).
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What was the 1967 Abortion Act?
It was brought in to stop backstreet abortions, and it allowed abortion up to 28 weeks.
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What does the 1990 Abortion Act say?
It is called the Human Fertilisation Embryology Act, and it allows abortions up to 24 weeks unless the mother's life is at risk. Two doctors must agree.
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When is abortion allowed?
If the child will have a severe disability, the mother's life is at risk, if her mental health is at risk or if her current family will be affected.
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When do religious believers say that life begins?
Muslims say at 170 days, when Allah gives the soul. Jews say at birth, Buddhists either say at conception or there is no real starting point. Christians say at conception.
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What is a pressure group?
A group that puts pressure on the government to bring about change.
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Give 3 examples of pressure groups.
Fathers for Justice, Pro-Life and Pro-Choice.
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What is adoption?
When somebody becomes the legal parent of a child.
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What is fostering?
Looking after a child temporarily.
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What happened during the Big Bang?
About 14 billion years ago a huge explosion caused a cloud of gas and dust. It settled to form the universe + planets in it. Earth was only mud and proteins + acids fused together. Simple life forms began. Life developed.
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What arguments are there against the Big Bang?
The world's design seems deliberate, science can't explain everything.
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What arguments are there for the Big Bang?
There is a lot of evidence, and where would God have come from?
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How do Christians believe the world began?
1st day there was light, 2nd day the seperation of the land and sea, 3rd day vegetation, 4th the sun moon and stars, 5th birds + fish, 6th Adam and Eve and all animals, 7th God rested.
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What are earth summits?
Conferences held every 4 years that focus on the climate and environment. The first was held in Rio in 1992.
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What is sustainability?
An ability or capacity of something to be maintained or to sustain itself.
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What is 'Agenda 21'?
A non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development.
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When was the Cancun Climate Summit and what happened?
It was held in 2010, and it was needed because there were many arguments over stopping deforestation, but no agreements on how to pay for this. 187 countries attended.
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What was the Exxon Valdez oil spill?
When an oil tanker leaked 11 to 38 million US galloons of crude oil into the ocean, killing up to 250,000 seabirds and 2800 sea otters. The region is a habitat for salmon, sea otters, seals and seabirds.
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What is acid rain?
Rain made acidic by being contaminated.
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What is awe and wonder?
A sense of respect and admiration.
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What are carbon emissions?
The release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from sources like power stations.
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What is conservation?
Looking after, preservation of the natural environment.
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What is deforestation?
Cutting down trees over extensive areas.
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What is drought?
Lack of rain over an unusually long spell.
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What is famine?
Extreme scarcity of food.
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What is a flood?
Influx of water beyond its usual limits on to land.
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What is global warming?
The heating up of the earth's atmosphere.
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What are greenhouse gases?
Gases in the earth's atmosphere. They allow the sun's rays to enter our atmosphere, but then trap them causing a heating effect.
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What are natural resources?
The things we use which occur naturally, like gas, oil, coal and wood.
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What are pesticides?
Chemicals used by farmers to kill insects.
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What is pollution?
An excess of anything leading to environmental problems.
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What is severe weather?
Unusual weather conditions.
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What is sustainable development?
Project developments which meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations.
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What are toxic chemicals?
Chemicals that are poisonous.
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Give 2 Jewish teachings that support looking after the world.
Tikkum Olum - leave the world in a better place than you found it, and the story of the rowing boat.
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Give 3 Christian ideas that support looking after the world.
Stewardship, 'and it was good', 'the earth is the Lord's and everything in it'.
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Give 4 Buddhist ideas that support looking after the world.
1st precept, three poisons, Karma and right action.
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Give a reason as to why somebody may not look after the planet.
If they are atheist they wouldn't believe in the creation story or would think that there would be no punishment.
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What was the Assisi Declaration?
A meeting of the 5 major religions to discuss environmental issues.
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Who are the Westboro Baptist Church?
A group who are against same-sex relationships, and believe that anybody who is homosexual will go to hell.
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What is prejudice?
Pre-judging someone of their appearance.
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What is discrimination?
Acting upon your prejudices.
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What is stereotyping?
A fixed mental image.
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What is Xenophobia?
Fear of foreigners.
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What is racism?
Discriminating against someone because of the colour of their skin or their ethnic/cultural background.
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Why are people racist?
Ignorance, lack of education, upbringing, peers, media, fear, experience, scapegoat.
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What can we do to reduce prejudice?
Educate, protest, speeches, boycott, marches, campaigns, write to MP.
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Give 10 types of prejudice.
Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ageism, Islamophobia, religious prejusdice, disability, class, appearance.
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Give 5 Christian beliefs about women.
Women and men were both created equally, women have different gifts to men and Jesus chose men to be his apostles, not women, the 'Lord made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man' and they should wear 'modest and sensible clothes'.
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Give 5 Christian ideas that support equality.
'There is neither Jew nor Greek, man nor woman', love thy neighbour, agape (unconditional love', 'my father's house has many rooms', do to others as you would want others to do to you.
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Give 5 Buddhist ideas that support equality.
Hatred is one of the three poisons, metta, bad karma, five precepts state 'do not harm or use hurtful language', compassion should be in the centre of all actions.
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Give the three acts that were brought into the law to end discrimination.
Race Relations Act 1976, Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Equality Act 2010.
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Give an example of somebody who stood up for equality.
Martin Luther King used peaceful protests - 'faith without action is like your faith is dead'.
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Give an example of an act of racism.
A boy called Steven Lawrence (18) was stabbed to death waiting for a bus in 1993 by 5 racist youths. 5 men were arrested but never convicted.
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What is harmony?
Being at peace.
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What is justice?
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What is tolerance?
Respecting other's views and practices.
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What is the Corrymeela Community?
A Christian group who want to promote peace through the healing of social, religious and political divisions in Northern Island.
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Give an example of an anti-semitic act.
The holocaust, where over 6 million Jews were killed during WW2, as Hitler wanted to 'purify' the human race. They were sent to concentration camps.
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Give 4 Jewish responses to the Holocaust.
Some say it was a test of their faith, 'turn from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it', Richard Rubenstein said that it 'couldn't be G-ds will', some lost their faith - they were the 'chosen ones'.
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Give 6 of the 16 human rights.
The right to life, prohibition of torture, a fair trial, to marry, prohibition of discrimination, to an education,
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Who are Amnesty International?
An organisation that work to protect the human from their rights being violated.
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What is 'The Universal Declaration of Human Rights'?
It is the basis for human rights protection and promotion around the world and has been endorsed by all countries.
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What are the rights in the 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights'?
The right to life, liberty and security, freedom of opinion and the right to education.
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Who was Troy Davis?
An American man convicted of murdering a police officer called Mark MacPhail.
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