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5.0 kilowatts
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kilowatt hour
5 times 7= 35 kwh
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35 times 15
525 p
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midnight- 6pm rate of energy transfer from house= decreases.
temperater difference between inside and outside decreases.
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plastic foam= reduce energy transfer= convection
air bubbles= trapped in foam. so= air cannot circulate= move from= convection currents.
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u value
how effective/ good a material is= as an insulator= at keeping= energy in.
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effect= replacing outside wall= glass door= rate of energy transfer house.
increase= glass not as good insulator= wall.
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radiator= painted black
matt black= good emitter= infrared radiation. give maximum= rate= energy transfer= to surroundings.
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number= cooling fins= affect= rate= energy transfer= from radiator.
fins= increase surface area. So increase rate= energy transfer.
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2 times 3800 times 15
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effect= energy transfer= overall efficiency= car engine
increases efficiency= more input energy= usefully used.
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gas, nuclear= meet demand=electricity= 24 hour period.
gas switched= on and off quickly= nuclear cannot. gas= can be used= meet= surges in demand. nuclear= used to generate= all of the time.
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advantages biogas
cheaper to buy and install, shorter payback time than wind, energy resource is free.
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disadvantages biogas
contributes to global warming, no transport cost for fuels, adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
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advantages wind turbine
renewable, energy resource is free,
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disadvantages wind turbine
longer payback time than biogas, more expensive to buy and install.
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relationship= angle of incidence= angle of refraction.
angle of refraction= always less= angle of incidence. angle of refraction increases= angle of incidence increases.
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refraction= light= air to water= compare= refraction= light= passing into plastic.
for= same= angle of incidence= angle of refraction= plastic= less= angle of refraction= water.
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simple device= improve lives= people using it.
during daylight hours= people able to= work/ cook inside.
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increased= use energy resource= generate electricity= within developed countries= ethical implications.
damage= global environment= affects us all. consequences= future= decisions made now. fair access= energy= all. unequal use= energy resources.
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electromagnetic wave= shortest wavelength
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difference= ultraviolet= visible light.
ultraviolet= higher frequency, greater energy, shorter wavelength.
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red shift= direction= most galaxies= moving.
away from each other.
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information= galaxy=measure size=red shift= galaxy produces.
distance= earth. speed= galaxy is moving.
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observation= red shift= happening= universe.
universe is expanding.
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reliable way= generating electricity
energy source= constant= energy source= does not rely= uncontrollable factors.
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decommision= nuclear power station
dismantle= remove radioactive waste/ materials/fuel.
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companies= reduce carbon dioxide emmisions.
reduce use= fossil fuelled power station. use= more= nuclear= power. use more= renewable energy resources. make power stations= more efficient. use carbon capture= technology.
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voltage= overhead cables= much higher= output voltage= power station generators.
increasing voltage= current reduced. this reduces= energy/ power loss from cable. this increases= efficiency= transmission.
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one kilogram of gas=much larger volume= one kilogram= solid.
strong forces of attraction= particles, solid. holding particles= close together. in a gas= forces= particles= negligible= particles= spread out= fill their container.
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liquid= evaporating= diagram 2
particles= shown= leaving= liquid= container.
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temperature of liquid= decreases= liquid evaporates
particles= most energy= leave surface= liquid. mean average energy= remaining particles= goes down. lower average energy= particles= lower the temperature of liquid.
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kilowatt hour


5 times 7= 35 kwh

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35 times 15


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midnight- 6pm rate of energy transfer from house= decreases.


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plastic foam= reduce energy transfer= convection


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