Soci studies: Changing family types

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Neo local family
A newly married couple move away from both sets of in-laws
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Functional fit theory- the family fits in and caters for whatever society it finds itself in
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The Rapoports
Chester, Rhona and Rapoport argue that diversity is of central importance in understanding family life today. They believe we have moved away from the traditional nuclear family, to a range of five different types
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1. Organisational diversity
Differences in the ways family roles are organised, e.g. joint conjugal roles
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2. Cultural diversity
Different cultural, religious and ethnic groups have different family structure, e.g. African-Caribbean families are more likely to be female-headed lone-parent families
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3. Social class diversity
Differences in family structure are partly the result of income differences between households of different social classes
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4. Life-stage diversity
Family structure differ according to the stage reached in the life cycle, e.g. newlyweds vs retired couple
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5. Generational diversity
Older and younger generations have different attitudes and experiences that reflect historical periods in which they have lived
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Benson (new right)
In the first 3 years of a babies life, family breakdown was much higher among cohabiting couples: 20% compared to 6% among married couples
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Chester (post-modernist)
Neo-conventional family= Dual-earner family in which both spouses go to work and not just the husband
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Oakley (fem)
The new right view on the family is a negative reaction against the feminist campaign for women's equality
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Cheal (post-modernist)
We no longer live in a modern society. There is no longer one single dominant stable family type
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Family now has fewer functions placed upon it
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Young and Willmott (MOP/functionalists)
The modern family is formed of a strong bond between married and cohabiting partners, who share power and conjugal roles
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Functional fit theory- the family fits in and caters for whatever society it finds itself in

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The Rapoports


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1. Organisational diversity


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2. Cultural diversity


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