Social Inequality Keywords

The belief that some races are better than others
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Treating another person differently because of their sex
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Discrimination against people due to age
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Demonisation of the young
Young people may be seen as troublemakers and the media often show them in a negative way
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Deciding what people are like based on what they look like, their ethnic group, gender or age
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Treating the person they are prejudiced about differently
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Stereotypes of people are used to show them in a bad way and blame them for problems
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Life chances
The sociological phrase for opportunities e.g. differences in wealth, power, property and lifestyle
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Th Equal Pay Act 1970
Women could not be paid less money than men for doing the same job
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The Sex Discrimination Act 1975
Employers were not allowed to discriminate based on sex
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Civil Partnership 2005
Gave gay or lesbian couples the same rights as married couples
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The Equality Act 2010
This act protected gay, lesbian and transgender people from discrimination
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Triple Shift
The belief that women do paid work, housework and emotional work
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House Husband
The man stays at home, looking after the house and children
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New Man
Men that are more gentle/caring and in touch with their emotions
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Medical Model
This model sees disability as an illness or something bad
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Social Model
This model sees disability as just another difference, like being male or female, old or young, or black or white
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People who lack the usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions
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Absolute Poverty
When a person does not have the basic needs e.g. food, clean water, shelter, clothes and warmth
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Subjective Poverty
When you think you are living in poverty
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Relative Poverty
Groups of people who are deprived compared to other people e.g. not having access to the internet in a modern society
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Groups of people who have such a low status and poor quality of life, that they are not part of the social class system
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Cycle of Deprivation
The belief that the underclass lack the basic needs for a happy and successful life so their way of life becomes a culture of poverty
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The Matthew Effect
The belief that the rich will get richer while the poor get poorer
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A small group in society who are very powerful and wealthy
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Ascribed Status
People are born into their social position
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Achieved Status
People's position in society based on what they achieve
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A person's position in society being seen as special by other people
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Includes property, savings, shares and any valuable items a person has
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The money a person earns every week or month to live on
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When a group of people in society enjoy special advantages over other groups
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The ability to influence decisions in your favour
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Social Exclusion
Some groups or individuals are being left out of society
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Treating another person differently because of their sex

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