Social Influence

Yielding to group pressure
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Majority Influence
When the beliefs held by the larger number of individuals in a group prevail.
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Anti-social behaviour
See subject 001
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Anti-social behaviour
Actions that go against society and cause harm in some way.
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Pro-social behaviour
Actions that benefit society
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Authoritarian personality
A personality type that is very obedient to authority
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Understanding what is right and wrong in how we think and behave
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Locus of control
How much control a person feels they have over their own life, with reference to external and internal factors
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Self esteem
How you feel about yourself
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Internal locus of control
The perception that you control your own fate
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Acting in accord with a direct order or command
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Collective behaviour
Group behaviour that is relatively spontaneous, unstructured and unconventional in nature.
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Informational Conformity
Change in beliefs or behaviour because others have more accurate information and we want the knowledge
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Normative conformity
Desire to fit into a group because of fear of rejection
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Situational factors
How external influences affect our behaviour
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Group norm
The informal, often unspoken rules about what behaviour is appropriate in a group
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Someone who appears to be a participant in an experiment but is actually working for the researcher to manipulate the experiment
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In groups or crowds, the loss of awareness of one's own individuality
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Unselfish regard for the welfare of others
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Individualist cultures
Culture which promotes personal needs above the needs of society
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Collectivist culture
Culture where the needs of society are placed before the needs of the individual
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Minority influence
The case where a minority of group members influences ther behaviour or beliefs of the majority
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How minority influence can cause change
Message must be consistent. Commitment. Must be persuasive
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Bickman study
A study into the power of a uniform in obedience
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Bickman study strengths
Field experiment- Ps react naturally.
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Bickman study weaknesses
Unethical-Ps did not give consent, weren't debriefed, etc. Culturally biased- only done in one city in America. Gender bias- all confederates were male. Field experiment- no control over extraneous variables. No way of taking participant variables in
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When the beliefs held by the larger number of individuals in a group prevail.


Majority Influence

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See subject 001


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Actions that go against society and cause harm in some way.


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Actions that benefit society


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