Social Influence, Conformity and Obedience

What is Social Influence?
The effect other people have on our behaviour. This includes conformity, obedience and social loafing.
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What is Conformity?
A change in a persons behaviour or opinions as a result of group pressure.
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What is Obedience?
Following the orders of someone we believe to have authority.
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What is Deindividuation?
The state of losing our sense of individuality and becoming less aware of our own responsibility for our actions.
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What is Social Loafing?
Putting less effort into doing something when you are with others doing the same thing.
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What is Normative Social Influence?
When we want to be liked by other people in me groups, we want to feel accepted by them and not left out.
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What is Informational Social Influence?
Using the behaviour of other people around us for information when we are in ambiguos situations and are unsure how to act.
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What is a Condfederate?
An actor or stooge who appears to be a genuine participant in the experiment but is actually working for the experimenter.
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What is the Autokinetic Effect?
An optical illusion in which a spot of light on a screen appears to move when in actual fact it doesn't.
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What is Socialisation?
The way we were raised to behave and the things we are taught to accept as normal.
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What is a Buffer?
Something that creates distance between the teacher and learner (eg. a wall or another person.)
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What does anonymous mean?
Being able to keep our identity hidden.
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What is Mundane Realism?
An everyday situation that is life like and not artificial.
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What is Conformity?


A change in a persons behaviour or opinions as a result of group pressure.

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What is Obedience?


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What is Deindividuation?


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What is Social Loafing?


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