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the process of learning how to behave in a way that is appropriate & acceptable to your culture
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informal rules that govern appropriate behaviour e.g what to wear
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ideas and beliefs that people have about what is desirable and striving for
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stronger form of norms refer to maintaining standards of decency. whats right and wrong for everyone
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wife is married to multiple men
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instrumental role
bread winner [men]
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expressive role
home keeper [women]
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horizontally extended family
family consisting of parents and children along with relatives like aunts / cousins
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reconstituted family
family where one of both partners have a child from a previous marriage
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matrifocal family
mother head family and fathers play a less important role in the home and child upbringing
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vertical extended [beanpole] family
family with parents and children as well as a third generation of grandparents
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segregated conjugal roles
where couples have separate roles, male breadwinner & woman home maker
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joint conjugal roles
when couples share house hold tasks & earning money
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domestic violence
any incident or pattern of controlling, threatening or violent behaviour between 16+ who are or have been intimate partners or family members
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social construction
something created by society from social meanings and definitions
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the study of populations and their characteristics
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dependency ratio
comparison between those in the labour market and those who aren't
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net migration
difference between immigration and emigration
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social policy
any law set by the state to help society function
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going to another country that isn't your own, movement out
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having people move in and integrate into a new society
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total fertility rate
average number of children women have in childbearing years
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birth rate
live births per 1000 of the population
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general fertility rate
live births per 1000 woman of child bearing age
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infant mortality rate
death in babies per 1000 of the population
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informal rules that govern appropriate behaviour e.g what to wear

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