Techno fix- Key words

Technological Fix
an innovation waiting to happen that will potentially fix a problem, providing a cure to a problem.
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Intellectual Property rights
Rights given to people to protect innovations they have created.
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this protects the written words, media, and art and music production. This could be 50 years or at the death of the creator.
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Industrial Property
This protects trademarks, geographical origins (Cornish pastes) and trade secrets.
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Green Revolution
High yield crops were deliberately picked and feed fertilizers correctly irrigated with pesticides to create higher yielding crops.
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Gene revolution
- Generically modified verities of cash crops – cotton and rice- they can be modified to become drought resistant act.
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Positive or negatives that the use of technology creates for the third person.
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Pollution sinks
Pollutions that are let into the atmosphere
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Intermediate technology
Relatively low, labor intensive technology that can be mastered by local people, especially in the developing world.
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Modifying another planet to make it habitable by humans.
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Planetary-scale technologies developed to allure the properties of the earth to make it more habitable
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Business as Usual
Our current model of technological development, with it’s dependence on fossil fuels, it’s likely to lead to a future with an increase in GHG, land degradation and water shortages.
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Intellectual Property rights


Rights given to people to protect innovations they have created.

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Industrial Property


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Green Revolution


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