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What is one off production?
The manufacture of a single product or item which usually requires the use of highy skilled employees during the making process.
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Eaxmples of one off production
Large scale projects like ships, multi-story buildings, bridges and stadiums. Small scale projects like Bespoke furniture, jewellery and made to measure clothing.
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What are the characteristics of one off production?
Small specialist companies, a skilled workforce, the use of specialist materials, high quality and expensive products made due to the level of skill needed during production
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What is Batch production?
When thousands of the same product are produced along a production line
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Examples of Batch production
Special edition cars, garden furniture and socks.
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What are the characteristics of batch production?
Produced on a production line, Flexible workforce, one task for each stage along the production line and the line can also manufacture other products aswell.
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What is continuous production?
When a product is continuously manufactured 24 hours a day 365 days a year. it involves shifts over workers to ensure it is continous
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Examples of continuous production
Food cans, Shampoo, tap water and newspapers
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What are the characteristics of continuous production?
Semi automated production line, skilled and unskilled workers, high level of investment in machinery and equipment and quality control at every stage in production
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What is quality Control?
Quality control refers to the checks carried out on the product along the production line by the workers during the stages of manufacture
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Give some examples of quality control checks
The checks may include things like ensuring the correct size and type of component that is used aswell as checking the positioning
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What is quality assurance?
Quality assurance is the system of administrative procedures, set up to ensure that effective quality control can be carried out along the production line
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What is Anthropometrics?
The study of human measurements such as height, strenght and physcial capability
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What does Ergonomic mean?
is the study of how people interact with products and thier surroundings
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What does biodegradable mean?
The term given to materials that break down with the aid of natural processes such as sunlight and rain
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Define the thermal properties of textiles
clothing is used as a thermal insulation, which is the reduction of heat transfer between the body and air. this works by trapping a layer of hot air close to the body to provide warmth
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Explain how this property is used in the design and manufacture of products
Thermal insulation can work in the reverse aswell. FireFighter suits are made of Nomex becuase it has excellent thermal, chemical and radiation resistance for a polymer material which helps to protect the people inside the suits
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Define the conductive properties of metals
Conductivity is the measure of how well a material allows an electrical currentt o pass through. metals are good conductors due to free electrons which are able to move freely which causes more collisions, passing on the electrical charge
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Explain how this property is used in the design and manufacture of products
Copper is used in the manufacture of wires dues to its ability to conduct electricity. it has the highest electrical conductivity rating of all non precious metals making it the most suitable for the product.
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Describe an area where ict is used effectivly within designing
Computerised Simulation Software can be used to test curcuit boards without the need to physically build them. The computer simulation can be saved and editted
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Describe an area where ict is used effectivly within manufacturing
Printed Circuit Board layout has been designed using CAD the board can be produced or manufacturedusing CAM. The PCB is printed on to acetate then transferred to a copper clad board using the photo transfer method
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Describe another area where ict is used within desiging
Computer Aided Design software can be used in the design process to design the structure or the housing of control systems for example. This makes the designs more accurate than hand drawn ones and also reduces human error.
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Describe a hazard?
A hazard is an activity that is potentially dangerous. Once identified the risk of an employee being harmed by the hazard is worked out. The risk is then recorded as low, medium or high risk.
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What is a risk assessment?
A written document that identifies hazards and dangers to employees in the work place. It clearly states how the risk of accidents and injuries can be minimised by employees following saftey instructions
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What is Compressive Strenght?
The ability of a material to resist a pressing force eg concrete for construction uses
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What is Ductility?
The ability of a material to be stretched eg in the iroduction of copper electrical cables
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What is Durability?
A materials ability or product to last a long time
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What does Morphological analysis mean?
Developed by Fritz Zwicky for exploring all the possible solutions to a multi-dimensional, non-quantified computer problem. the system allows for reduction by identifying the possible solutions that actually exist within a seemingly complex design
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What is Lateral Thinking?
This is a way of solving problems by using reasoning that is not immediately obvious
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What is Disassembly/ Attribute Analysis?
When existing products are taken apart and reviewed in order to see flaws/ how it works or to compare to the product in design stages
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What is Structural Technology?
This is the technology of putting parts and materials together to create supports, containers, shelters e
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What does Aesthetic mean?
Its is the properties of a product which refer to our sense and our responses to an object. Our perception of the products beauty
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What is a regenerated fibre?
It is created by dissolving the cellulose area of plant finer in chemicals and making it into fibre again
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Name a Regenerated fibre
Viscose. Regenerated from natural polymer materials like cellulose use fro clothing because it has low warmth. Is absorbent and dies slowly. Its not durable and creases easily. Can be washed and ironed
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What are natural fibres?
They are defined as substances produced by plants and animals that can be spun into thread
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Name a natural fibre
Cotton. Used for making jeans and t-shirts and towels and is cool to wear. It is soft, very absorbent , dru
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What are CFC's? (Chloroflourocarbons)
CFCs are a group of sythetic substances containing chlorine and bromine, developed in the 1930s. they were widly used until 1980s when it was discovered they were the harm source of harm to the ozone layer
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Name some non-ferrous metals
Aluminium, Copper, Leap, Tin and Zinc
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What does fairtrade do?
Fairtrade ensures farmers and workers in developing countries get a fair and stable place as well as an added premium to invest in thier communities
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What is the Ethical Trading Initiative?
an alliance of companies, non governmental organisations and trade union organisations that promote and improve the implementation of codes of practic for set out minimal working requirements
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How do moral and ethical issues effect products?
They are concerned with the way in which products are manufactured and how they affect the saftey, comfort, and well-being of pople who make them and those who use the products
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What is built in obsolescence?
Where a product has been designed to last for a set amount of time before needing to be replaced.
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Give an example of obsolescence in design
vaccum bags provided the companies with an extra income after the original profit made from the cleaners. these became outdate once dyson created the cyclonic action in his own products
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What is an eco footprint?
this refers to the measurement of our actions on the environment
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What does the term 'refuse' refers to?
Issues relating to sustainable design where the processing, manufacturing, packaging and transport of a product often use huge amounts of energy and create lots of waste
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What does life cycle mean?
The stages a new product goes through, from conception to eventual decomposition
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What are the 6 R's?
Re-think, Reduce, Refuse, Recycle, Re-use, Repair
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What is Primary Recycling?
The second hand use of items- clothes, electronic- put simply is using the item again. Charity shops primary resource of sellable items are recycled
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What is Secondary or physical recycling?
this is the process in which waste materials are recycled into different types of products
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What is Tertiary or chemical recycling?
Producs are broken down and reformulated. for example plastic bottles can be recycled into fibres and then spun into polyester strands to create clothing such as fleeces
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Give some examples of products with limited lifetime and their properties
Many are disposable products like one use razors, carrier bags and packaging. These items are usually basic in terms of design and quality and also use less material
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What is a flow chart?
A flow chart shows the order in which a series of tasks are carried out in order for something to be produced. there are a number of different symbols used in flow charts such as the descision diamond shape which represents a choice towards a path
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What is Life cycle Analysis?
LCA is a method used to measure and evaluate the impact of a product across a wide range of environmental issues
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What is Design for disassembly?
This involves changing construction and the methods used to hold parts in place in order for the safe disposal of products
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What is rapid prototyping?
A way of creating full 3d objects directly from a CAD drawing. built up in layers of wax to make the prototype
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Describe the importance of Selection of materials
The choice of material to be used for any new product is of great importance, particularly if the product is to be mass-produced. reducing amount of raw materials used increased use of environmental friendly materials
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What is a non-ferrous metal?
Not magnetic, contains no iron so wll not rust. Copper, aluminium, tin and zinc
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What is a ferrous metal?
Contains iron so will rust when exposed to moisture and are attracted towards a magnet.
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What properties does lenticular polypropylene sheets have?
it appears much thicker that it is and objects placed ontop appear to sink under the surface
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What is Polymorph?
A tough polymer plastic which softens and becomes easy to mould at just 62 degress. Hot water will soften it and can then be moulded by hand. It hardens to a stiff plastic
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What points can be found on the 5 step Risk Assessment Plan?
1. Identify 2. Decide who will get harmed 3. Eavluate and decide upon precautions 4. Record findings 5. Review assessment then update if necessary
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Large scale projects like ships, multi-story buildings, bridges and stadiums. Small scale projects like Bespoke furniture, jewellery and made to measure clothing.

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