The Duchess of Malfi Quotes

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"Here comes...
...Bosola, the only court-gall." - Antonio
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"But if't chance some cursed...
...example poison't near the head, death and diseases through the whole land spread." - Antonio
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"Miserable age...
...where only the reward of doing well is the doing of it." - Bosola
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"You may thank me, lady: I have taken you off...
...of your melancholy perch, bore you on my fist, and showed you game, and let you fly at it." - Cardinal
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"Here's the cursed day to prompt my memory...
...and here it shall stick till of her bleeding heart I make a sponge to wipe it out." - Ferdinand
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"He and his brother...
...are plum trees grown crooked o'er standing pools." - Bosola
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"Sit down:...
...take a pen and ink and write." - Duchess
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"Could I be one...
...of their flatt'ring panders, I would hang on their ears like a horse-leech till I were full, and then drop off." - Bosola
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"Then the law to him... like a foul black web to a spider, he makes it his dwelling, and a prison to entangle those shall feed him." - Delio
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"She's a young widow,...
...I would not have her marry again." - Ferdinand
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"Do not you ask the reason...
...but be satisfied, I say I would not." - Ferdinand
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"What cannot a neat knave...
...with a smooth tale make a woman believe? Farewell, lusty widow." - Ferdinand
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"If all my royal kindred...
...lay in my way unto this marriage, I'd make them my low footsteps." - Duchess
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"Let old wives report...
...that I winked and chose a husband." - Duchess
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"Raise yourself...
...or if you please, my hand to help you." - Duchess
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...madam, is a great man's madness." - Antonio
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"We are forced to woo...
...because none dare woo us." - Duchess
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"Some of you give entertainment...
...for pure love, but more, for more precious reward." - Bosola
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"Why, my lord, I told him...
...I came to visit an old anchorite here, for devotion." - Julia
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"We had need to borrow that fantastic glass... view another spacious world in'th'moon and look to find a constant woman there." Cardinal
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"Methinks you that are courtiers...
...might be my touchwood, take fire when I give fire, laugh when I laugh." - Ferdinand
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"The marriage night... the entrance into some prison." - Cardinal
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"And women like that...
...part which, like the lamprey, hath ne'er a bone in't." - Ferdinand
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"This was father's poniard: do you see?...
...I'd loath to see't look rusty, 'cause 'twas his." - Ferdinand
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"Diamonds are of most value, they say...
...that have passed through most jewellers' hands." - Duchess
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"This foul...
...melancholy will poison all his goodness." - Antonio
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"Who took...
...the ring oft'nest?" - Ferdinand
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"A most perverse...
and turbulent nature; what appears in him mirth is merely outside." - Antonio
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"She stains...
...the time past, lights the time to come." - Antonio
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"Yes. I can be angry...
...without this rupture." - Cardinal
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"Or else to boil their *******... a cullis and give't his lecherous father to renew the sin of his back." - Ferdinand
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"But if't chance some cursed...


...example poison't near the head, death and diseases through the whole land spread." - Antonio

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"Miserable age...


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"You may thank me, lady: I have taken you off...


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"Here's the cursed day to prompt my memory...


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