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Keywords for Sociology - The Family Unit 1

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Agencies of Socialization
Institutions in which we learn the norms and behaviour of the society we are born into.
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Beanpole Families
Multigenrational families which contain very few members in each generation.
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Birth Rate
The number of live births per 1000 of the population per year.
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Cereal-Packet Family
Refers to the type of family used by the media in, for example, advertising. This is normally the nuclear family.
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When family life revolves around the children of the family.
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Civil Partnership
When two romancitcally involved, same sex partners are legally reconised as together.
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Romantic parnters who live together without being married.
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Conjugal Roles
The domestic roles performed by men and women in a household
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Death Rate
The number of death per 1000 people per year
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Democratic Relationships
Relationships within a family based on equality, where everyone has an equal say in family life.
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The sytematic study of the human population, including their size, age and gender structures etc.
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Domestic Abuse
Refers to violence within the home. e.g. Between men and woman, borthers and sisters etc.
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Domestic Division of Labour
The way that domestic chores are divided in the home.
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Divorce Rate
The number of divorces per 1000 couples per year.
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Dual-Worker Families
Families in which both adult parnters work in paid employment.
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Extended Family
A group of relative extending beyond the traditional nuclear family. The classic extended family contains 3 generations who live under the same roof or nearby.
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Empty Nest
When children in a family have grown up and left home.
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Family Diversity
Refers to the variation of family types living in Britain today.
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Fertility Rate
The number of children born per 1000 women of childbearing age in a given year.
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Either one person who lives alone or a group of unrelated people sharing living space and facilities.
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A husband or wife who does not work in paid employment, normally to look after children.
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Lone-Parent Family
Families which consist of one parent and their child or children
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Marriage Rate
The number of marriages per 1000 people per year.
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Matriarchal Famiy
A family based on female dominance over men and children.
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Being married to only one person at a time.
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New Man
A caring, sharing man.
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Nuclear Family
The traditional, cereal packet family, consisting of two married partners living together with one or more children.
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Patriarchal Family
A family based on male dominance over women and children
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Men and women with more than one husband or wife.
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Reconstitued Family
A family consisting of two partners, one or both from a previous marriage, with a child or children from previous partners
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Symmetrical Families
Families in which both adult partners do different jobs, however contribute equally to family life and the family household.
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Multigenrational families which contain very few members in each generation.

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