The Feuillants and the Constitution of 1791


1. How was the army affected by the growing number of emigres leaving France?

  • Two of the most influential leaders left France and leaked the army tactics to the Austrian military.
  • Discipline was improving as the Assembly planned for war on Eastern Prussia and parts of Austria.
  • Discipline was beginning to collapse as almost half the officers deserted the army.
  • Over a third of a million men joined the army to defend France from the Prussians
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2. What didn't the Feuillants get credit for?

  • Helping to strengthen the National Guard and Assembly
  • Helping to establish a constitutional monarchy
  • Helping to condemn the ideas of the Jacobins
  • Helping to spread the idea of Republicanism

3. What did the Feuillants demand to be recognised as?

  • The Society of the Friends of the Constitution
  • The Society of Political Force and Union
  • The Society of the Friends of the King and County
  • The Society against the Rise of the Jacobins

4. What was the King's attitude towards the Constitution of 1791?

  • He supported every part of it besides the exclusion of the religious reforms
  • He rejected all of it except the financial and legal reforms
  • He remained undecided until the last minute
  • He fully supported it

5. What did the Constituent Assembly do to reduce the number of emigres leaving France?

  • Demanding the emigres return unless they had bought property abroad
  • Introduced Triple Taxation on emigres unless they returned
  • Ordered the immediate arrest of anyone passing the French border
  • Introduced reduced prices on return journeys from other countries


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