The Suffragettes

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When did women win the vote?
6th February 1918
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When were the suffragettes founded, and by who?
1903 by Emmeline Pankhurst
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What were their colours?
Purple, white and green
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What does WSPU stand for?
Women's social and political union
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What was their slogan?
Deeds not words
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When and by who were the suffragists founded?
1897 by Millicent Fawcett
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What does NUWSS stand for?
National union of women's suffrage society
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What were the methods of direct action?
Attacking people, attacking property, hunger strikes, putting pressure on parliament, propaganda and meetings and demonstrations
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How did the authorities react? What are the key dates?
Harsh even before violence. Black Friday 18th November 1910. Force feeding and women banned from places.
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How did the newspapers react?
For in general to start with (accept the times) had to condone violence
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How did the public react?
Didn't win over the public. Many men against from the start and their opinions didn't change
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When did the suffragettes get called the suffragettes? Who called them it?
1908, Daily Mail
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When was the cat and mouse act?
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What was the cat and mouse's act official name?
Temporary discharge for ill health
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Where did Emily Davison kill herself?
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Which horse killed Emily Davison?
The King's Horse
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When did Emily Davison die?
8th June 1913
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How old did women have to be to vote or become an MP?
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How old did men have to be to vote?
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Why did the war help win women the vote?
Gave mps a convenient excuse. Had surprised men with their ability to do 'men's jobs'. They needed to reform the voting system anyway
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How did politics help women to win the vote in 1918?
David Lloyd George became PM. Conservatives didn't want under 30's voting Labour, so women over thirty voting would counteract all the men under 30 voting.
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How did campaigning help to win the vote?
Kept the issue at the forefront of people's minds. Violent acts attracted too much attention. Afraid campaigning would restart once the war was over. NUWSS had a lot of support amongst MPs.
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Why did people think they shouldn't have the vote?
Women are too emotional, women occupy different social spheres, their husbands vote for them, women are pure politics is not, they might start getting jobs, women don't go to war
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Why did people think they should have the vote?
They paid taxes, parliament's decisions affected them also, widows had the same responsibilities as men, uneducated men got the vote yet women with better educations didn't, women could become very successful in the world of work they should vote too
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When were the suffragettes founded, and by who?


1903 by Emmeline Pankhurst

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What were their colours?


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What does WSPU stand for?


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