The USA 1919-41 Key Topic 4: Roosevelt and the New Deal 1933-41

List two of FDR’s key aims for his ‘New Deal'.
Get people working/Rebuild confidence/provide relief.
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When did FDR hold his first ‘Fireside chats’?
12th March 1933
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What was the ‘Emergency banking Act?
Closed the banks, in order for them to investigate their finances.
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What was the collective name for the legislations passed during the First 100 days?
Alphabet Agencies.
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What did the ‘Beer and Wine Revenue act of 27th March 1933 mean?
End of Prohibition.
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Give two alphabet agencies that aimed to get people back to work.
Reforestation Relief Act, Civilian Conservation Corps, Tennessee Valley Authority, Civilian Works Administration.
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Give one alphabet agency aimed at restoring confidence.
Emergency Banking Act, Federal Security Act.
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Give two Alphabet agencies aimed at providing relief.
Federal Emergency Relief Act, Homeowners relief act, Farm Credit Act, National Industrial Relief Act.
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What does ‘Priming the Pump' mean?
FDR used this to describe that government money was needed to encourage growth (If a pump is dry, but some water in to ‘Prime’ then ‘Pump’ the handle).
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Give one reason why Business opposed the New Deal.
They believed in ‘rugged individualism’, were Laissez Faire, felt New Deal Encourage laziness
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Why did many Republicans oppose the New Deal?
Preferred Laissez Faire, Felt New Deal was similar to Communism.
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Who was ‘Huey Long’?
A radical opponent of the New Deal who felt FDR should Nationalise banks.
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Who were the ‘Schechter Brothers’?
Farmers who broke NRA codes by selling sick Chickens, They appealed to the Supreme Court, Supreme Court overruled the NRA as this was a state not Federal issue.
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Which two agencies did the Supreme Court rule as ‘Unconstitutional’ in April 1935?
NRA and AAA.
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Give one success of the First New Deal.
Halted rise in unemployment, Provided relief like Soup Kitchens, People used Banks for savings again.
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Give two limitations of First New Deal.
People still felt relief was ‘humiliating’, Unemployment only fell by 4.9%, Government had spent a lot of money, Supreme court had ruled some ‘Unconstitutional.
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Give to aims of the Second New Deal.
Set up Social Security, Old Age Pensions, set up housing to deal with ‘Dust Bowl'.
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Give two agencies set up by the Second New Deal,
Workers Progress Administration (WPA), Resettlement Administration, Labour Relations act, Federal Housing Administration.
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How did FDR deal with the Supreme Court?
Tried to ‘Pack’ it with his supporters, didn’t have too, Supreme court judges died or retired so he replace them with his supporters.
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Give one way FDR dealt with the ‘Dust Bowl’.
Set up Farm Security Administration which set up housing camps, set up Soil Conservation society to improve farming methods, Federal Housing Administration built low income houses.
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What happened in Autumn 1939?
The Second World War broke out.
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What was the ‘Lend-Lease’ act?
The USA did not enter the war but provided food and supplies to the allies in Europe.
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When did the USA enter the Second World War?
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How much money did the WPA spend on projects?
$8.5 Billion.
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How many Low income houses had the FHA build by 1941?
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Give Two reasons why 1938 was a ‘Bad Year’?
Industrial production fell, Unemployment rose, Strikes broke out.
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Give two Reasons why some believe FDR was not important to recovery.
Hoover was beginning to abandon Laissez Faire anyway, Hoover may have introduced his own ‘New Deal, Other Politicians would have created their own version of the New Deal.
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Give two reasons why some believe FDR’s role was ‘Vital’ to recovery.
Hoover would not have moved quickly enough, FDR already had a plan to deal with depression, FDR gave people confidence through Fireside chats, FDR was not afraid to use Federal control, FDR was not worried about ‘balancing the budget’.
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When did FDR hold his first ‘Fireside chats’?


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What was the ‘Emergency banking Act?


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What was the collective name for the legislations passed during the First 100 days?


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What did the ‘Beer and Wine Revenue act of 27th March 1933 mean?


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Really good and useful thanks :) only thing is on slide 24, it says in my textbook the WPA spent $11bn on projects - great otherwise though

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