Themes and their poems

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Homosexual love
Sonnet 116
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Unrequited/Unfulfilled love
Song (Ae fond kiss), Non Sum Qualis
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Forbidden love
Who so list, Garden of love
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Platonic love
Song (Ae fond kiss), Sonnet 116
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Loss of love
Remember, Non sum Qualis
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Destructive love
Who so list, Non sum Qualis
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Love of wealth
To His Coy Mistress, Non sum qualis
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Affectionate love
La Belle Dame sans Merci, Song (Ae fond kiss)
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Eternal love
Sonnet 116, Who so list
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Unaittainable love
Who so list, To his Coy Mistress
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Idealised love
Sonnet 116, The Scrutiny
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Possessive/obsessive sexual love
Who so list, At an inn
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Sexual freedom
The Scrutiny, Non sum Qualis
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Love as a spiritual experience
The Flea, She walks in beauty
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Love as means for stability and security
The Garden of love, A song (absent from thee)
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Barriers to love
Garden of love, To His Coy Mistress
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Corruption of innocence
The Ruined Maid, To His Coy Mistress
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Haunting love and time
Non sum qualis, To His Coy Mistress
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Memories of love and nostalgia
Remember, Song (Ae fond kiss)
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Truth and deception
The Scrutiny, Sonnet 116
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Isolation in love
Non sum qualis, Who so list
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Life and death
Non Sum Qualis, Remember
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Passion and desire
To His Coy Mistress, At an inn
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A song (Absent from thee), Non Sum Qualis
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Card 2


Song (Ae fond kiss), Non Sum Qualis


Unrequited/Unfulfilled love

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Who so list, Garden of love


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Card 4


Song (Ae fond kiss), Sonnet 116


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Remember, Non sum Qualis


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